Day 33: The Accidental Smoking/eCig Brain Hack, I missed Day 32 (Sort of)

The Accidental Smoking / eCig Brain Hack

So, today was my first full day of going without nicotine.  Not just going without cigarettes, going completely without nicotine.  I have two great eCigs filled with hazelnut vapor liquid (a special blend I asked them to do that has quite a bit more hazelnut flavor), but, here’s the thing:  I may be relying on them heavily, just like I did two weeks ago, but there’s not a drop of nicotine in them.

Somehow, my body & brain seem to be convinced that they’re loaded with the same stuff as last week.  I haven’t had any serious cravings, etc. – so far, it’s been easier than it was on day one of two weeks ago.  Of course, day one is one of the easiest days when it comes to quitting.  The closer you get to 48 hours, the harder it normally gets.  This time, though, it seems so much easier than it had before.

I think a bit part of it may be that my brain is already wired to the idea the eCigs have that “stuff” in them that I want – nicotine.  There’s not a drop of it in there, but until yesterday, I’ve always had nicotine in them. The association is there, so, the brain has been hacked into thinking there’s something that isn’t true.  Which is handy as heck 🙂

Of course, tomorrow I may wake up and have my brain be absolutely on fire trying to find a good source of nicotine 🙂


I Missed Day 32 (Sort Of)

Well, it finally happened:  I missed a day of the 365 Project.  Well, I sort of missed it.  I wrote a good chunk of the blog entry while setting at a friend’s house on Saturday night, on my iPad.  Recently, I added another layer of protection to the site when logging in (a captcha), and somehow I managed to fumble the captcha.  Which means the site promptly locked me out and banned my IP address for 12 hours.  Faaaantastic.  But, hey, at least it works, right?

So, I didn’t miss writing it, per se, I just missed publishing it! 🙂  (Heck, it was even a really short entry, in celebration of what felt like truly relaxing Sabbath 🙂


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