Day 34: Win Some, Loose Some

Win Some, Loose Some

Well, you can’t win every day.  Yesterday, I did perfectly avoiding nicotine.  Today, not so much – I ended up buying a pack of cigarettes and smoking some.  Not a lot, but any number greater than zero is less than optimal.

Now, here’s the thing:  I really can’t tell you why I ended up buying a pack of cigarettes.  I was headed for the bank, and I got a craving to have a cigarette.  It wasn’t even that bad of a craving.  Suddenly, I decided I’d go pick up a pack on the way, and have a cigarette.

*SIGH*  Tomorrow is another day, right 🙂

I’ve got more I’d really like to say on here, but, for some reason my brain is completely vapor locked again – I can’t maintain a single coherent thread long enough to write about it.  How bizarre!


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