Day 42: First New Workout & Weighin 2

Day 42: First New Workout & Weighin

First New Workout & Weigh In:

I didn’t get to workout yesterday because of a fairly ugly backache.  Today, however, I managed to pull it off – and it was good 🙂

For my weigh in for this week, I’m running a little late.  My plan was for weigh ins on Sunday or Mondays, but, whatever.  So I currently weigh 229.8.  Basically, 230 lbs again.  *SIGH*

For the most part, it wasn’t a bad workout.  My back was still somewhat stiff from the day before so, rather than risk further injury, I avoided that portion of the workout.   One small downer for the workout – I still have enough muscle mass to max out the Bowflex on benchpress.  But, I didn’t have to throw on all the concrete weights yet, so, there’s still some room to grow for a while 🙂

Overall, not a bad day – tomorrow, lower body, then time to start getting into a groove 🙂

And, of course, week one photos…photo 2

photo 1

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