DDR back up (with a metal pad this time), more TV stuff

  Well, DDR is back up again (stepmania, as some people will correct me  This time we’ve got a metal pad, plus the previous PoS plexiglass pad. Woohoo – DDR good  It was actually up last night, but, I didn’t post about it mainly to give it a little time to break or work – luckly it decided to work and stay working 
Ok, totally loving Final Cut Pro. There’s almost nothing to not like, except for the lack of good titles built into it. I wouldn’t mind if it had closer integration with Live Type – but it doesn’t. Damn. Played with things a bit, and now we’ve got much nicer looking transitions – I still have to cut two more minutes out of the show before it’s ready for air, and I’m waiting on all of the graphics from the ESRB for a segment we’re doing on (surprise) the ESRB. That should be here like Wensday or Thursday – and I can finish off the whole ESRB segment  My only worry is that the ESRB segment – which is a bit of a personal thing for me because I want parents to know more about it – is going to end up a bit wordy and not as interesting as it should be. We’ll see how it looks when it airs. Of course, I’m about as overly critical about things as you can get, so, no surprise that I’m concerned about it 
GamerZone will be open July 4th, so, if anyone is bored and lookin’ for something to do, we’ll be here as usual 
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Yet it is already broke hehehehe
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