DDR is now back up and running. This is using a concept that Doc Tim from Agents came up with to help prevent the ceiling from falling down in the storage room – it’s going to take a while to see if that idea is going to work or not.
This is using the crappy plexiglass material DDR pads we already had – but I had a couple of people test it, and suddenly we’re not seeing the pads error out and quit responding like before. No idea why this would be, unless the problem with the pads before was vibration related. I’m not garanteeing that fixed the problems, but it’s worth testing out further 
I’ve still got 3 more CD’s worth of stuff to load on there. But it’s got a big ass drive, and lots of room for more tunes – so, feel free to bring you CD’s fulla crap to be added to the DDR setup. Note – only I will be adding them, so don’t bother asking other GamerZone people to load the stuff on. Everything goes through me 
Today I’ll be getting the back bar installed, and moving the speakers around a bit (The main speakers will be going behind the players, and the sub remains behind the TV like it was before (though the volume is a lot more accessable now). As it is, the DDR setup has moved around a bit, and resides at an angle in the corner rather than straight against the wall like it was before. This looks much better, IMO.
So, come give it a test and see what you think.
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Posted 6/17/2006 1:05 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply

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