Just discovered that the Baron didn’t mention to the Seneshal anything about the Onager. Just got this email:

Test fire? ::nervous chuckle:: From a seneschal perspective, the words ‘test fire’ at a demo that does not include archery can have no other reaction than me becoming nervous. What are we planning on firing?

Of course, I’m happy to see such an email – if it’s makin’ people nervious already, I’m doing pretty good with my Onager 🙂

While the Onager may not have the range I want, I realized there’s a way to make things still work fairly well. I’m still going to replace the windings and put the more springy rope on it, but, I’m going to rip a piece of OSB that I have in half (it’s been out in the rain more than once now, so, this is a good use) and set up a target to fire at. Cover the gound with a tarp (probably just trashbags), and fling stuff at the target. This way, I can fire the ice bullets, but, could also fire tomatoes, canalope, etc. Then when I’m done, just pick up the tarps, and throw it in the trash. Not mess, no fuss!

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