Well, the Onager is back in business. I just got through re-building the main beams. However – it still lacks throwing power. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do, except possibly replace the winding rope (it’s a natural fiber rope at the moment) with a more ‘springy’ nylon rope I have. UG – what a pain. Thinking of going out to the Farm tomarrow, and firing it out there, and chat with Larry a bit, etc. I’ll take the extra rope along, just in case I can’t get the distance (I’ve redone the windings with the natural rope three times now, so, it shouldn’t be too hard to do.)

I’ve got probably two dozen ice ‘bullets’ in the freezer now, preppin’ for firing. The are waterballoons, and once frozen, I just pull the exterior off. Nice solid throwing object, and no mess to clean up later 🙂

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