From pain to woooozy….

Well, I went to the dentist. Of course, my teeth are complete crap, since I keep putting off getting my teeth worked on due to both money and time. I really wish I HAD kept up on it, since now instead of costing me a max of $500, the insurance rates increased, and now costs me a max of $1000. SIGH But, I’ve started the extremely expensive process of getting my teeth fixed up. I knew some day it would become unavoidable, and it has.

Right now, however, I’m on pain medication – a somewhat rare occurance for me, someone who really doesn’t much like to take a minor pain killer. It makes me tired, and a bit woozy. Being anything less than sharp mentally always makes me a bit grouchy. As it stands right now, if I leaned back and closed my eyes, I’d be asleep at my desk in a heartbeat.

However, because of this I did decide to make at least once life change – no more Pepsi. That’s part of what got my teeth to where they are now, and I’d rather not keep goin’ through this over and over. The upside to this is that I’ll probably loose weight because of it (looked at some pictures of myself from the last party, and from this weekends Catapulting – I don’t mind how I look at all, so it’s more of a byproduct than anything else. But I won’t mind loosing some.) And I’ve got Penguin mints (very little sugar) to keep up my caffeene addiction if I want 😉

I made sure that after havin’ a couple o’ teeth yanked that I was indeed going to be able to perform the ceremony for Jess and Dave’s wedding – the Dentist says yep. Good!

I think I’m going to head home for the day – I can’t hardly keep my eyes open anymore….

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