That’s Reverend Toothless to you!

Well, I just got back from the dentists office. They had sent me to a specialist to have two teeth pulled. And ya know what – I’m glad they sent me to a specialist. It took a bit for the numbing process to be done, but, the actual extraction took less than two minutes. The Dr. was very friendly and informative, and made sure I knew exactly what was going on, etc. Dispite it being one of the worst things I’ve had done, it’s also been one of the best experiences I’ve had with a dentist yet. I was impressed. Heck, the man even got the numbing process perfectly – only four teeth were numb. The side of my face wasn’t all numbed up, etc. I may send him a letter just to say thanks for doing a great job!

Of course I’m on soft foods for a week, no drinking through a straw for 24 hours, and a few other restrictions. But I’m so glad it’s done – before the surgery (even when the carbocaine or whatever form he used) was kickin’ in, there was pain from just below my eye to my ear. It’s GONE. No pressure on my face, no nothin’. I feel much better already, and I swear I can already hear better out of my right ear!

On other subjects… I just realized that I need to finish up Jumpman: 2049 before the first IndieCon happens. Theresa with Summit / MS emailed me to see how things were going, etc., and it suddenly reminded me – if I bring a VBA enabled product to show off, they will subsidize my involvement with IndieCon! That’s some o’ the perks that came with the VBA contract with MS – I’m now very glad I signed it. This will make things cheaper for me!

Game development is going very well – Trajectory has come a long way in just slightly over a month. I’m behind, IMHO – I don’t have my models for the game done, but multiplayer code is looking good so far, and things generally are going well. I’m probably only off on my schedule by a week or two at the moment. Of course I’ve got today off entirely due to the extraction, so I’ll be putting some serious programming time in, as long as the pain is controlable.

That is one minor potential problem – my body always seems ta’ adapt to pain killers rather quickly. With the Hydrocodone it’s been even more rapid than normal. Last night I took a pill, and I didn’t get woozy, but I could also feel the tooth pain. Hopefully it’s still potent enough in my system to control pain. But I don’t think it’s going to be that bad even if I didn’t take it – I’ve lost three wisdom teeth before, and while it hurts, it’s mostly ignorable. I guess I’ll find out in the next couple o’ hours. Plus if worst comes to worst, I’ll do some serious pressure points work.

And for anyone who is interested, pictures of the catapult and friends are online here at MidnightRyder.Com

OK, time ta’ get to work. Already talkin’ to MS, and schemein’ how I’m going to pull off goin’ to IndieCon!

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