Greedy bastard….

Ya know, being the greedy bastard businessman I am, I just realized I’m missing a potential for traffic and sales. All the stupid quizzes running around have something in common – for someone to take one, the gotta go to the site 🙂 Time for some thinkin’ – what quizzes would generate some traffic? 🙂


2002-04-19 08:04 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

how bout A WHat progaming language are you? 

Or what incredibly over powered weapon are you? 

Or what useless magic card are you? 

or What vowel are you? 

I haven’t seen any of those done before

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2002-04-19 08:15 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

The Magic card one I couldn’t do – I’ve never played M:TG, and have no clue about the cards 😉

Programming language is a good one – hadn’t thought o that! (and I know LOTS of obscure languages… 😉

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