Just busted one of the mainbeams on the catapult. Shit. And everything was goin’ so well with it 😛 However, it might be fixable without replacing the main beam using a couple o’ 2×4’s for re-enforcement. But, gonna take a couple of hours to get it done, and probably have to unwind all of it before I take it apart and fix it. Ouch. I’ll do it tomarrow when I get home from work. Might even try and get of at 3 PM or so, and get started earlier (I’ve got a meeting tomarrow sometime – and I can’t remember what it is. Could be the people tryin’ to sell my T1’s.)

Ah well. The weekend was actually pretty good. Went and graded the project at the Science Fair at Christ The King Catholic School. It was a slower process than I imagined, but, Heabo and I both ended up grading projects 🙂

Spent Saturday night gaming in Mike’s new Rifts game – pretty good game, with some very interesting characters. Lots of fun 🙂

Most of Sunday was spent sleeping – slept until Noon, since we didn’t go to bed until nearly 6 AM! (We left Mike’s house at 5:30!) Did the usualy chores – shopping, trash, etc. and worked on the Onager – where I broke my new toy. SIGH

Fairly certain I’m not going to have my new armor done in time – just too much to do. Oh well – Park (er, the Baron) pointed out that I could POTENTIALLY lose my authorization if I don’t fight, it’s not definite. SO, I think I’ll just slip by, or, I’ll try and use part of Jeff’s armor to fight with to complement what armor I do have done. If I fight at all.

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