Happy Birthday to me…

Well, it’s that time of the year again – I’m a year older today. 31. Not that it really matters much to me either way 🙂 I really don’t feel like I’ve aged that much, physically, since I was 26 or 27. I’ve got arthritis in my hands, but, I had that before, and it’s MIGHT be a little worse than it was, but I really can’t tell.

Got calls from my Aunt Madaline and my Grandmother so far – getting one from my Aunt was a bit of a surprise.

I’ve got a membership to Fitness 2000 with Heabo now. Signed up last night at about Midnight when we went for a late night swim to try and get our muscles to strech out a bit. This is a good thing – because I’m also going to be recieving some new supplements (Ecdy Max HP and Synthovol 2) that will require me to work out pretty heavily to get 100% use of them. I’m not going for loosing weight now – I’m pretty much hit the 200 mark I was lookin’ for (it varies just a little, so sometimes I’m over by up to 4 lbs) and am now headed for big muscle.

This weekend was a party weekend, of course – ended up with a clean house, a hickey on my stomache, and Heabo had a hangover because of it. It was actually somewhat sedate, IMHO, but then again Sean explained that he thought our parties were starting to get as wild as some of the parties that he goes to with some really strange and wild people. Kinda funny.

The next big party is the week before Halloween – it’s an Adult themed Halloween party. I made the inital anouncement on Saturday, and people are pretty receptive. However, I do expect that some people won’t show, mainly because the first premise for the party is to show as close to naked as you feel comfortable (some of us could just show up naked, and not care, but that’s not actual an option 😉 One of the problems with this group, however, is that we are all to familiar with each other these days. There’s upsides to that – stuff like the Hershies Kisses during New Years means we aren’t afraid of anyone else in an semi-intimate respect (Swaping kisses most of the night kinda does that for ya. This last one had a drink called Kiss the Tish and another called Davis’s Squeezable Buns. Guess what you had to do when you refilled your drink…?) But at the same time, new blood is becoming nessisary for the parties – it’s time for things to get stired up a bit more.

There really aren’t too many highlights from this particular party – not a whole lot stands out in my mind as particularly memorable moments. But that’s ok – not every party has to be the world’s greatest, top the last party, drinkfest type thing. Ok, I’ll take that back – for those that don’t know, the party theme was Tacky Toga (which we gave prizes for 🙂 There are some very memorable and interesting fabrics (and not fabric!) togas there! For some reason, I didn’t get pictures this time, however, I’ll hit Sean up for pics.

Sunday was a day of rest. All day. Played Deus Ex most of the day, when I wasn’t BS’in with Heabo. Not a bad day really, but, it’s made me reved up to get all sorts of things done.

And tomarrow I’ve gotta go to Fredonia, KS, and install some fiber and all that good stuff. Blah. Oh well, it’s work.

Oh, and other good news – I filled out my timesheets, and realized I had more overtime than I expected while I was in Jonesboro. I had figured I had something like 20 hours, but, it came out to 37 hours of overtime. Not bad at all! Heabo and I could make use of the extra money somewhere I’m sure!

Ok – back to work. This was another one of those slightly disjointed entries because it was done over the span of a couple o’ hours between various tasks.

Happy Birthday To You – Clayton 


2002-08-02 12:27 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Of course the #1 rule of growing old is NOT to grow up, your doing well in that category, so heres to another year younger my friend!

Great dinner last night and good company as well.

And to your comment about needing New Blood, here! here! But 1 question…. where? you actually want us freaks to make friends with total strangers and bring them into the fold? Wouldn’t that in the end count as Cruel and unusual punishment? Of course if we properly corrupt them before entry I guess the transition would be easier.

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Re: Happy Birthday To You – Clayton 


2002-08-02 02:27 pm UTC (from unknown,, via (link)  Select

LAUGH – yeah, growin’ up is somethin’ I haven’t learned about yet 😉

We all need ta get together for suppers and such more often!

yeah, where is a good question… I’m still thinkin’ about that deeply 🙂

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