OK, there might be a reason why dating sites aren’t for me.  I created an account on one of the freebies that uses a “match” system (though it doesn’t make you jump through all the hoops like eHarmony does), and it matched me up with a couple of people.  My goal here is to relearn the ability to walk up and talk to anyone, so, I decided to start simple:

“Hi There - 
The system matched us up, and I thought I’d just drop a line and say “Hi”.  So, uh… Hi!”
Reply back:
“HI.  Are you sure that’s all you wanted to say?  Just Hi?
Just kidding – I’m a bit of a smartass most of the time.  And it’s better than some of the lines I’ve had on the campus:  Hi – wanna fuck?”
My Reply:
“Well shit.  There goes my follow up question.”
Haven’t heard from her since.
Yeah… my sense of humor might not go over too well sometimes online 🙂

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