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I’m Done.

I’m Done.

I have finally satisfied the Muse.  The book, in it’s current first draft form, is exactly 320 pages long.  I didn’t plan it that way, and I didn’t try and stretch it to get that – it just worked out that way.  320 pages makes it a Novel, rather than a Novella.
Dear god… I’ve written a book.  A poorly written book in places, but I wrote a book.
The first page (back when it was a blog project) was written September 28, 2008.  The last page was written December 4, 2008.  Slightly over 2 months to write 80,000 words – and I did it in my spare time, not as a primary task.  Usually I’d plop down at about 1 AM, pound on the keyboard for a while, then head for bed.
It’s silly, but, I’m almost euphoric about it.  I wrote a book.  This ranks above the time I was able to say “I own a TV show”.  
So I now own the TShirt that say “I wrote a book”.  The next one is “I published a book”.  I’m not sure how well that TShirt will work out – I’ve got to edit this beast now, and then get it to an agent, who will then handle the publisher situation (and take 15% of the profit.)  It may never actually get published that way – my guess is even after editing, it will probably end up being something that I self publish, and end up selling like 100 copies.  I’m perfectly fine with that 🙂  
If it does go the publisher route, it could easily be a year before it would ever show up in a catalog to order.  EH, I’m OK with that.  In a way, it just doesn’t matter – in my mind, I’ve told the tail.  Gamer Zone, in my mind, finally has closure.  And I’m now a fucking Author. 
After this experience I have to say…
I wanna do it again! 
(And, oh trust me, I will do it again.  I even know what’s next!)

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