Hey now, your a rock star, get the show on… (Part II)

Realizing what you are about to say is going to be transmitted to potentially millions of people definitely makes ya’ stop and think for a moment before speaking.

While I was at IndieGamesCon, I did a TV interview with G4 Network, and with Tech TV (Tech TV has a worldwide viewship of 75 million they claim.) I did them back to back with about 45 seconds inbetween the two interviews – talk about pumpin’ up your stress levels a little. I was tryin’ to recover from the first one when TechTV walked up and wanted to do an interview. I was probably a bit more relaxed for the first on than for the second one.

I also saw something pretty interesting – myself on TV. Now, it’s not the first time I’ve seen myself on TV – usually it was something totally by accedent (a good example was someone did TV coverage of an Amiga Users Group meeting. Why? I don’t know. But, they caught me walkin’ around, and I saw myself later. Ug.) But, this time it was for an intererview, with means the lighting was designed to be right, that sort of thing. The TechTV group had a small monitor to double-checking how things looked. I discovered the monitor while we were setting up for the interview (putting the silly little mike on me, etc.) and was fascinated… I looked good on it. I was a bit surprised by it really – not sure what I expected, but, it was pretty damned cool. And it may not be the only time my smilin’ mug ends up on TV. I’ve got a offer from TechTV to show up on SanFran at thier offices and appear on an episode of The Screen Savers. Cool – more exposure for the company and the games. This works out good 🙂

The presentation that David Michael and I gave went pretty good, from our point of view. You could tell how interested people at the con were with any given subject by listening to how quite the crowd got – the quieter they were, the more interested they were. Well, it was pretty quiet for our presentation, and for the presentation from the ex-CEO of Electronic Arts. (Ok, I did have to point out to David that one of the reasons why it was quiet was that he and I weren’t in the audience this time – we were one of the worst offenders, I think! 😉 It really did go well, and a number of people stopped me afterwords and wanted to know a little more about this or that.

Overall, IGC went pretty well, and Heabo got a chance to go on vacation. Next year’s IGC will probably turn out to be a little better, because of the feedback given to the coordinator of the event. I’ve already stated to the coordinator that I’d be interested in doing it again next year, and speak a little more about what’s happened over the past year, new experieces gained from releasing TZ and MP!, etc.

And now for my next somewhat PR trick… Game Design Magazine is a mag for a fairly obviously purpose. Problem is, well… a good number of people who get it are Indie game developers. But, nothing in the magazine is for indies. I’m going to be pitching the idea of a monthly indie column for the mag. That will be another step towards legitimizing indies, and another PR feather in my hat. We’ll see how it goes. Otherwise, I’ll be exporing starting up an E-Zine instead. But I like the former better.

And starting tomarrow I’m outta town during the days again. *SIGH* Going back to Fredonia to be a high-tech grunt, doin’ whatever they need ta’ get the job done. Timing STILL sucks, cause I’d really like to get some other things done, game development wise. When ya have to drive about 3 1/2 hours a day, that kinda cuts into everything else you wanna do!

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