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Well, I finally finished the transcript from the IndieGamesCon speech. You can view it by clicking here. Took me a long time to get through the whole thing… sheesh.

You can also see me in the geeky element I was in here. The last one also has an abridged version of the speech from someone who was there taking notes.

Wonder where I’ll show up next? 😉

Went and saw Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Crown Uptown. Wow – that was amazingly good. We were setting right beside the stage (as in, resting my elbow in the stage part of the time), and we joked about being able to look up the actresses skirts. That was totally un-nessisary. It’s about as bawdy as the movie was – no nudity, but a lot of physically performed innuendo, or downright simulating the act with clothes on. I was a bit surprised! But it was a very cool production of it, and well done just like most of the work at the Crown. Next one I’m dying to see is Clue. Yes, Clue, the musical 🙂 Apparently the audience gets to pick the ending. However, I’m going to have a hard time seeing clue without thinking of Dr. Franenfurter playing the lead 😉

Either luckly or unluckly, I’ve dragged Heabo kicking and screaming into the game company. Actually, it didn’t require any convincing – we were discussing how value was added to games, etc., and were discussing what I’d rather see done with something like Diablo II. And it suddenly ‘clicked’ on how it should have been done. I’ve talked to Heabo, and her (and possibly Jess) will be working on the story arc for it. My plan would involve a two year long story arc – something that as far as I know has never been done as a game before.

I’m also changing how Maze Panic! is going to be done – instead of buying the game, you sort of ‘rent’ it. Each month, I add new content to the game. As long as you are subscribed, you get the new content, and the ability to post high scores, etc. Could turn out to be an interesting experement to see how much people actually pay for entertainment. David Michael (the guy who was the co-speaker with me at IGC) uses a model somewhat similar to that for two of his games, and I think it makes a lot of sense both from the standpoint of a developer / marketer, and for the end user. A game becomes dynamic then, and doesn’t go stale.

I’ve been working on slowly but surely getting the network cabling, phones, etc. setup downstairs in the future office. I’ve got a VERY small desk setup down there, so that I can move my computer down there immediately when I swap the network over to the new comms cabinet. Should be interesting sharing an office with Heabo 🙂 (No more havin’ to yell back and forth between the rooms like we normally do 🙂

wow and double wow!! 


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holy moly batman!!!

you are crusin boy-yo….it has been one heck of a week for you and your wife,,,,,,,,

enjoy enjoy……

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