Hey, what’s this thing?

Oh, yeah, that’s right – I have a live journal 😉

Ok, I’ve been busy as hell. I predicted this was going to end up being probably the busyest time in my life – I wasn’t wrong. It got even busier. So I’m doing more load reduction.

I hired on Ryan Hagan, the ex-President of Inca Gold USA to handle finding a publisher and some of the marketing details for Trajectory Zone. Yet another professional has joined the team. Considering everyone is workin’ off nothing but royalites, it’s amazing how many people have joined the team that are honestly professionals in the field. Somehow, I’ve been deeply blessed with one hell of a team. Not sure what attracted them to the project, but, I’m definitely not complaining. They have all done a hell of a job so far – and I’m sure to tell them what I think of thier work!

Oddly enough, my Day Job seems to have heated up a bit. Been putting in some serious hours in the last two weeks to handle a fiberoptic job, and now I’ve got to bit two more fiber jobs, and help do my part of a $2 million bid for a plant refurbish job. Sheesh – timing couldn’t be worse. Last thing I was wantin’ was to have to contend with it all at once.

I’ve been feelin’ pretty bad about the time I spend with Heabo – namely, the lack of it. I came home bearing (cheap) gifts last night. A rose, and a big bottle o’ Arizona Green Tea. Just wanted to do somethin’ so that she knew I haven’t forgotten about her. I’ve been feeling really guilty about that. I haven’t done shit for housework lately (managed to get part of the trash out last night :-/ ), I’ve been living in my office, and in general I’m not living up to her and I’s housework agreements. *SIGH*

However, this is temporary. Come Nov. 4, things change. Trajectory Zone will be out the door. I can be less stressed. I can have a normal life.

I’m not gonna do things this way again. Next time, I’m gonna find a better way.

keep yer chin up 


2002-10-14 10:51 am UTC (from (link)  Select

hey. i bet that if you keep the communication lines open and let her know that youhavn’t forgotten about her, you two can work out the rest over the next few weeks. it’s almost over, and you guys are doing a great job! but you aren’t superman, as much as you’d like to think you are! breath deep and keep tellin her that you love her and that this will be all over soon!

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Re: keep yer chin up 


2002-10-14 10:53 am UTC (from (link)  Select

oh yeah, and next time, the way to do it better is to ask for help… not like i have a horrible lot of responcibilities atm! not sure what i can do to help, but i am sure i can do something!

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