I’ll be at IndieGamesCon ’02 as a speaker or a panelist, Trajectory is moving FAST now, and various other stuff…

OK, haven’t updated my .plan file in a bit, so I thought it was time to set down and update it again.
For those thinking of going to IndieGamesCon – well, I’m not sure if it’s a Good Thing (TM) or a Bad Thing, but, I’ll be there. I’m either going to be a speaker or a panelist – not sure which at the moment. I’ll also be bringing Trajectory Zone for people to check out. Our Dead-Date for completion is sometime just before IGC, so, it should be perfect – we’ll be showing off the finished game.
Too bad it looks like I’m the only memeber of the team that will be showing up – getting to Eugene, OR is a bit expensive for most people at the moment. Well, actually, a very important team member will be there – my moral support 🙂 (My wife 😉
Trajectory Zone development is moving VERY fast now. We picked up three new modelers to help with the project, and that helped A LOT. Eric Forhan has been going nuts with effects – today he submitted a patch that adds WONDERFUL looking debris to the explosions (and considering the game is about blowing stuff up, well, the better the explosions look the better I feel 😉 The same shots I’ve seen of the models are looking excellent. 
The programming portion (my part) still isn’t up to par, IMHO. I’ve still got a lot I feel I need to get done – thought oddly enough, the game is really begining to stand on it’s own without the extra stuff that I’d like to slap in there. Plus the mutators pack system will make it dead easy for me to add more stuff later, or for modders to add to it. Simple and easy is good 🙂
Beta should be starting soon. I think it’s now comming down to a matter of days before we shoot out the first Beta version of the game.
Once I get this done, it’s on to the next game – Jumpman: 2049. Finally 🙂 After that, I’ve got an interesting 3D project in mind – I’ll actually probably start the project up with Jumpman, but, I think most of the hard work will be the content development – Eric Forhan’s job, if he sticks with Midnight Ryder Technologies.
Depending on how things go, I might be showing an early version of Jumpman: 2049 at IGC, just for those who are currious what it is.
We are also starting to get just a little attention for Trajectory Zone – we got mentioned in Jeff T.’s email concerning all the happenings with Torque and GarageGames. I also got contacted by a writer for one of the big online game networks about getting information on the game and checking it out closer. Cool. However, I’m not ready to release anything just yet – I’m too much of a perfectionist, and want to make sure that anything I show off to people looks good and works perfect.
Ok, back to work – got more coding to do… though, if this is supposed to be work, I’ve had the wrong definition of work for a long time. This is just too much fun! 🙂

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