Highland Games Training Week 4 of 15 Done 2

Highland Games Training Week 4 of 15 Done

Some weeks are better than others 😉  My shoulder is still messed up (though slightly better) from last, and I didn’t get most of my leg day workouts in due to schedule.  But, I did hit all the upper body days, so that’s something.

Ended up changing a bit of form here and there in my workouts after chatting with The Plumber about what I was doing and how I was doing it.  He’s got a bit different theory than some people on muscle building, and I agree with his observations (keep in mind, he’s 6′ 4″ or so, and spends way more effort than I do to stay strong and large.)  Today, I was completely wiped out for some reason – started the workout strong, and just deflated along the way (you can probably see it in the progress pictures for this week.)

I also overate… four meals in a row.  Half a big steak omelet and three pancakes for lunch yesterday, an entire chicken fried steak from Logans Steakhouse, mashed potatoes, and salad yesterday night, the other half of a big steak omelet for breakfast this morning, and amazing, yummy meatloaf meal from Twizted Confections for lunch today.  Way, way too much food in the wrong balance (I need protein, carbs, and veggies… I just need to make sure I take them in the proper amounts.  Mashed potatoes, for instance, really aren’t a part of my ‘eating plan’)  On the other hand, everyone needs to live a little 😉

I also broke down and bought a new eCig, and began the process of letting go of the cigarettes.  I think I mentioned previously my other ecigs are fairly inexpensive, but the batteries are dying (well, dead now), plus they really don’t pack quite as much punch as I would like, and I really wanted something with a longer lasting battery.  Problem solved. 😉  I ran out of cigarettes earlier today (I had three left from yesterday) and really haven’t craved any more.  (For those who are curious, I picked up an Apire brand that’s a 1000Ma battery, you can vary the voltage output up to 4.8 volt, and a tank that allows for variable airflow intake.)

Honestly, between week 3 and week 4, I can’t tell much difference between the images – part of it is, of course, being a bit distended from having too many oversized, out of balance meals.  But, during the workouts, I can see more and more slow, gradual changes with every workout.  This isn’t a sprint, where I get results in a week – this is a marathon, where I gain strength over a nearly four month span.  I have to keep reminding myself of that 😉


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