Interesting night, busy day

Went out to supper with Larry and Patty last night. Heabo and I met them at Olive Garden and sat around and chatted with them from about 7:30 to 11 PM. Sheesh!

However, I no longer feel I have most embarasing drinking story (which I won’t share here at the moment 😉 – Larry has at least two that tops mine. We also started talking about SCA stuff – Larry seems very determined to get back into fighting again this Fall. He even has a plan – no titles, no jobs, no nothing, just go out, fight, and have fun. Personally, I think he has the right idea – go out and do something for himself and only for himself. Cool – I’d like to learn some fighting from him based on the things I’ve heard from others in the SCA. I’m also going to borrow his elbows and gauntlets, and restore them to usable condition for Newman RenFair. Good – that at least means I don’t have to trade off with Jeff on Gauntlets. once I’m done, I think the elbows and guantlets end up going to Erik for him to use. I’ll be glad to use Larry for a while – Jeff’s were built for someone with smaller hands than Jeff or I, so you have to be REAL aware of your thumb and forefinger. I keep expecting to end up getting a nasty pinch one of these days with those!

Did some more research on my armor last night for about and hour and a half and ended up discovering a set of gauntlets that I could actually BUILD without too much hastle. They are articulated gauntlets, but, instead of being rivited together, you build a leather mitt first, and attach the metal plates to the mitt. Perfect – that I can do!. Plus they have a good amount of flexibility. Should take me two hours to crank out a set of those. That just leaves elbows and weapons (I’ve got knees already, and those work just fine really. A little sloppy, but, usable, and no marshals object to them.) And I’ve got the rattan for weapons, I just need to turn them into weapons now.

Ideally, I eventually want a set of incredibly agile gauntlets. My personna is Chinese, and I’ve always figured that for demos I need to learn how to be flashy with the sword – I know HOW to handle a sword just fine to do various flashy things with it, but that’s a REAL sword without gauntlets on! I’ve tried using a basket hilt before, with only a half gauntlet, and decided it’s neither safe nor worth the headache. The half-gauntlet gets caught on the sword, etc. Pain in the ass. I’ll keep looking and researching, and eventually I’ll find what I’m looking for.

Today I’ve got a shitload of stuff to do. I want to get the shelves for the china hutch cut, and I’d like to make it out to the farm for a very short stint to give Larry some deer meat (he’s back on the atkins diet, and figure that would at least give him some diversity 😉 and pick up some pieces of armor from him. Then I’d like to set down, do the final sketch, and build armor. Oh, and I’ve got to make a run to The Yard real quick for some nice looking brass rivets and red parachute cord that they have. I finally found a color scheme for the armor worn on the Terracotta Warrors, which I’m basing my armor off of. Black and Red, in one case, red and green in another, etc. – quite a bit of variation. But Black and Red is what I’m going to use.

Heabo was talking about building my robe for under my armor, and for being my walk around garb. Heck, if I pull the kidney belt, knees, thighs, help, and elbows off, I might just walk around with the rest of the armor on at the next RenFair – it’s going to be fairly breathable I think, and nice looking.

So…. time to start the day. Got alot to do today and tomarrow before I’m going to feel like I pulled off all the stuff I wanted to do this weekend.



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sounds very ambitious..but do-able….Pop was thinking about sending you his armour but sounds like you have a working plan.

and LArry and Pop are both back on the meat diet….hmmmmwhat is happening to us old farts?? we are all getting flabby at the same time….!!!

Pops days fighting in the sca are over….his joints scream when he throws the frizbees for the dogs!!! …so if there is a need …we can send stuff on….kidney belts etc…but times and regulations have changed ,,I do not know what is still passsable for the marshallls. 

anyway good luck on the accomplishing what you want on the weekend hours….

this is my last good day…tommorrow I will be exhausted because of the time change!!!

so I am off to do yard work…..

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Hm – I’ll keep that in mind. Another resource for armor is never a bad thing!

Regulations on armor actually haven’t changed that much over the years – gauging what’s “Good”, “Light” and “Heavy” has changed instead (blows are a little softer, from what I understand.) Most old equiptment is legal, based on what I heard, with the possible exception of goalie gloves – most places don’t allow ’em anymore, and definitely aren’t allowed for demos.

And I’m still not sure when I’ll actually GET my armor done. It’s quite the task – it’s more ornate than I originally thougth. Got some good pics of the armor, and some online information – ouch. Lots of detail work.

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