Well, I didn’t quite get to the armor part of the weekend. I also didn’t make it out to the farm. I did, however, make it to the yard, build a new Onager (catapult), and get the china hutch done. Not too bad.

Heabo and I shouldn’t go to The Yard together. It’s a store with a bit of everything. We bought $75 worth of stuff – the only reason we didn’t buy more is that we ran out of hands to carry stuff. A new car body working kit, leather, 150′ of natural rope, rivets, washers for rivets, red parachute cord, and I’m not even sure what else I picked up. It was a lot. 😉 Heabo managed to get a couple o’ items she was lookin’ for. Everytime I go there I find more stuff I need that I never knew I needed 😉

I have a new Baby Onager almost complete. All the frame is done – just need to install the tension rope, and throwing arm. I’ll be good to go. I’m going to spend just a little extra time, and make the throwing arm SCA legal. I’ve also got to build a new firing system, and a cocking mechanism.

The other nice part about building the new Onager was the help. Nick came over and helped for a while, then Dave Maneth came over after Nick left and helped a bit more. Dave knows quite a bit about woodworking, and had a couple of ideas that saved some time and effort.

Dave also asked me to help him out a bit – I’m going to be judging a science fair as Christ the King Catholic School. Kinda interesting – can’t say I’ve ever done something like that. I’m also going to try and have the Onager there at the Newman RenFair for ‘Education Day’ where kids show up and take a look at all the stuff, and ya have to give a bit o’ a speech about the subject. Not exactly sure what all I’m gonna talk about, but, hey – talking in front of kids is something I’ve got experience with from teachin’ computer camp, so I know there’s no issue there 🙂

Tomarrow evening first thing when I get home I gotta spend some time with the Caddy, and pull the radiator. Then I think I’ll work on installing the windings in the Onager (I know it’s a good amount of time left before I have to deal with actually firing it in front of a crowd, but, I want it ready with pleant of extra time!), and then on Tuesday I’ll put the radiator back in the caddy (10 minute job) and take on mission impossible – I’m gonna make the Lincoln run. This should be interesting 😉

Gonna work on designing armor for a while, then head for bed. It’s POSSIBLE I might have my armor done in time, but, I doubt it. One more round of workin’ with my original POS armor and I’ll probably be done with it forever 🙂

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