It’s official – we’ve got a show to do :-) DDR coming back next week. Got 360? He’s a juke box h

  Let’s get the coolest part of the news out first:
It’s official, “World Of Gamer Zone” is real. We shot E101 (the pilot for us), edited it, did all the cool stuff, etc., and got the job done. Today about 10 AM we showed it off to KTQW, and they were extatic. Originally we were supposed to do three pilots, but we only shot one – that’s all it took. Our real shooting schedule starts next week on Friday, 5:30-ish.
Now for the stuff we didn’t put in the pilot – when we do video game reviews, anyone who’s played it gets the chance to show up on TV to give us a short blurb on what they thought about the game. Now is that cool or what? 
On Final Fridays (last Friday of the month in Delano, where all the art places open up late and the busses shuttle people between ’em all) we’ll actually be shooting in the parking lot beside Agents of Comics. It’s part promotional (everyone who’s walking by gets to see that we’re shooting a TV show), and part fun (why keep the show always on the couch?)
Tuesday I’ll know what the air dates / schedule is, and I’ll post that – episodes are actually a week delayed at the moment, so we have two in the can before we start airing stuff (gives us a chance to fumble and fuck one upl, but still have something to air  I’ll also know soon what the air date for the Delano This Week episode that shot at GamerZone pretty soon.
We’ve got a 360 now, and we have replacement copies of Halo 2. And there was much rejoicing  We might end up with as many as 3 Xbox 360’s hanging around, but when that might happen I don’t know – two are loaners, and one belongs to GZ (the one we have right now is a loaner). This also helps to replace some of the older dying hardware, like the limited edition Halo XBox that has some serious drive issues 
Doc Tim (Agents of Comics) and I chatted yesterday, and he came up with some short term cures for our DDR pads breaking thier ceiling situation, and is thinkin’ about how to pull this off on a longer term basis. Good – that means I’m getting the DDR station back up and running here very soon – look for it back sometime next week. Woohoo!
We also talked abou the area that exists at the front of the store, in front of the studio. I’m finally going to have a “real” office, and Gamer Zone gets more space to spread out and store stuff. This couldn’t be more timely – with the TV show, I’m going to need somewhere to hide for Harmon and I to get editing done, and I need some space to set the new servers for the new control point software.
Yeah, I also found a new addiction that I’m gonna have to find a way to feed – Guitar Hero. I was pretty sure I was going to like it way before I ever got a chance to play it. Someone brought it into the center last night. Yep, bloody cool game. Reminds me of mixing Amplitude and DDR together, then playing it on a (way undersized) guitar – which is pretty much a winning combination for me 
That’s all I got for now 
Gamer Zone
1) The episoid thing you guys are doing sounds sweeeeeeet and I want to see it.
2) I’m glad we got a 360 and some halo 2 back, but where’s my replacement fusion frenzy?!?!?!!
4) Guitar Hero…ROCKS
Awesome ^_^
Posted 6/14/2006 5:10 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply
Ask and ye shall recieve – Fusion Frenzy is back  Or at least – for some odd reason it works on the 360 just fine, but not on the normal XBox. I’d say it’s a drive going bad, but, everything else plays on the black XBox!
Posted 6/15/2006 3:36 PM by GamerZoneCenters – reply
Posted 6/15/2006 4:49 PM by Aur0raXXBorealis – reply

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