It’s over! :-)

Well, it’s done. Heabo and I made it through Jess and Dave’s wedding. It actually went pretty well, except for a little confusion here and there at the last moment. And I discovered there were problems with trying to do public speaking while missing two teeth – my tounge litterally TRIES to get into the wrong place at the wrong moment now. I ended up chomping on my tounge once, and havin’ to fight back uttering an explicitive in the middle of the ceremony!

All and all, things went pretty damned well for Jess and Dave it seems. There wasn’t any major incidents durin’ the whole thing. The photographer I aranged for (David Maneth – a friend of mine who build siege engines is also an ex-photojournalist who did the wedding as a bit of a favor to me.) HELL – Heabo and I were fuckin’ AMAZED at how well things went with pictures. David originally was going to charge us extra for doing the stills, and Heabo and I decided to do it ourselves – we both know how to operate a camera fairly well. But, as a just in case, we brought two cameras – the AE-1 and the Kodak digital camera. Dunno what the output from the AE-1 or David’s Nikon (a BIG muckin’ professional camera!) is gonna be, but, we took the best pictures we’ve ever taken with the digital camera – the look like they are the professional pictures! That was supposed to be just a backup in case something happened with the AE-1!

I’ll crop the pictures for content, etc., and put them up online at MidnightRyder.Com with the new photoarchives setup I’ve done. This is only the stills – this doesn’t cover the stuff during the ceremony that David took – I’ll get those developed and throw ’em online this week sometime.

Here’s the fun part – Heabo and I have decided we’ll probably start doin’ this as a sideline. I mentioned it to her after our experiences in Loveland tryin’ to get married and rememberin’ it was a bit of a bitch to get it done. Since we’ve figured out how to get the pictures taken care of, how to handle a ceremony, etc. it might really be worthwhile.



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great…right on!! I think this experience and the loveland chaos (trying to find a minister/judge…..are all pointing to you guys doing just exactly that!!!!!

as someone who has been through a few weddings myself……this would be perfect….and would be so helpful to those of us that hate to do this type of stuff!!!

and you guys sound like you know the ins and outs of it now too………

talk that girl into it……I do believe this is something fate has /had in store for her to do………..

minister/wedding planner…..yep..

oh and thanks for the pictures…I have been trying to get Jess to make sure she sneds us a copy ..but online is great………

(and remind heabow that her mom would like one little picutre of you guys at your wedding too) h

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About the pictures: I worked on getting the pictures I have scaled and cropped, but ain’t finished yet. Plus I talked Dave into havin’ the pictures also burned to CD when they are developed. A couple extra bucks, but, that way I can put all four or five rolls of film online. I plan to have them in thumbnail format, 800×600 format, and FULL resolution for anyone who wants to take and put ’em on a disk and head for a Kodak store that will do full blown prints from digital format. That should help save Dave and Jess a couple o’ bucks on printing pictures for people 🙂

As for pictures of the Ministers. Well, just as all the stills were gettin’ to be over with, Jess looks at Heabo and I and tells us we ain’t gettin’ outta this without having our pictures take too. So there is photographic evidence – a pose with Jess and Dave kneeling and holdin’ hands in front of us. Plus we also probably appear in at least a couple of the pictures from the ceremony.

As for doing the wedding ministers thing – it should be noted that we are only gonna do weddings. We’re not starting the First Church of Davis And Heabo anytime soon. She may some day found a coven off in the future, but, I’m pretty much a religion of one IMHO. I don’t think my beliefs are that compatable with most people in general to start with, and there’s no reason for it to ever exist in some sort of formal sense 🙂

However, I will be granting Absolution every third Tuesday of the month. (Just kidding)

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dave and i will likly pick ouot our favorites and get some really nice prints done for us and the family folks. i really don’t mind going thru the little bit of extra effort for some really nice photos for us and immediate family. we have a video that had faulty sound, sadly. but we plan on getting some copies made for folks as well.

as to the ministers thing. dave isn’t really interested in getting licenced, but he is interested in being involved. i however am totally interested in this plan, and i taled to heather about it before, doing full service wedding stuff. kinda a was to really relive our wedding over and over. besides it gives me an excuse to do something i don’t get to do as much as i’d like :get all gussied up. it’s totally fun to go out and help other people have the wedding of thier dreams, and maybe we could help folks have alittle easier time of it then we did.

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absolution!!!…sign me up….ha

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