Warren Theater East

I never got to writing about my experiences at the new Warren Theater East. Simply put, if you are in Wichita at some point, and you miss the opportunity to hit the Warren Theater East then you may have missed one of the highlights of Wichita.

We went to the very first Balcony showings – the Balcony is cool as hell. First off, it’s 21 and over to get into the Balcony. There’s a bar out front of the balcony that you can kick back in while you wait for the previous showing to get over with. It’s restricted to just people who have balcony seats – everyone else has to wait downstairs or in the diner (which isn’t bad.)

The theater it’s self it just as wonderful looking inside as the original Warren is. The Balcony is awsome – HUGE loveseats. If you step on someone’s feet getting to or from your seat, it’s your own damned fault, ’cause there’s like 5 FEET between your chair and the back of the next chair! Pleanty o’ room for the waiters.

The balcony is expensive – $15 per ticket, over double the cost of regular tickets. However, before the movie they give you a menu with a little red light attached. The menu is fairly good – apetizers, sandwiches, and burgers. No steak or pastas, however – seems to be a bit of an oversight on thier part. It’s also got a really decent wine list, drinks, etc – much more complete than the food listing.

It’s SUPPOSED to be that you can signal the waitstaff during the movie – but, someone forgot to give us our indicators from what one person said. Separately, someone else said that we just had to hold up our little red light – unluckly, if that’s the case, no one bothered to inform us how it works. Also, during the climax of the movie, waitress showed up to present me with the bill, and to try and collect payment. That was NOT a good thing.

Most of the problems were caused by the fact that we went to the VERY first showing in the balcony – no one had a chance to get into the swing of things, and some problems that are obvious to customers had been missed. I expect that the next time we hit there, things will have improved considerably.

As for the love seats – lemmie tell ya, this is going to be the ultimate date place. There’s an arm rest between the two sections of the love seat – just raise up the arm, and Heabo and I could curl up very comfortably together! 🙂

It’s expensive, but, it’s really worth it to have a martini and a REALLY good ruben while watching the movie. The ‘atmosphere’ of the place is awsome, and they went to great lengths to cover all the details. It’s just incredibly well done.

Unluckly, there’s only one Balcony in all the theater, so, there’s only one movie to go to this way. Bummer.

Oh, and I’ll be going to the 12:01AM May 16th showing of Star Wars Episode II at the Warrent East. A friend showed up on my doorstep (Nick) with tickets – what the heck. I remember how much fun the premier of Star Trek: Undiscovered Country was. This should be, oh, probably three times as interesting. Too bad they weren’t doing a balcony showing!

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