Lazy people piss me off…

OK, time for one of those infamous rants. This one is probably gonna be on the scale of the Patty Rant that started my Live Journal entries.
(Said in best Earl Pitts voice:) You wanna know what what really makes me mad. I mean, really pisses me off? What makes me mad enough ta’ shove some pipsqueek’s head though his computah monetorh? It’s lazy people I tell ya… (End Earl Pitts)

I’ve got a guy I’ve been working with off and on over the past year or so. At one time, he wants to become a game designer. No problem – I hand him the template for a game design document (standard issue industry paper you write to tell what the game is, and acts as a bible for development.) After a while, that got too complicated for him, and he moved to a different, more simple game design.

Then he moved off that project. For a while, he looked at writing Boulder Panic! and Tile Panic! for the PalmOS based machines. Then he moved to a new idea for a space game.

Then programming on the PalmOS got to hard, and he moved to the PC. Once there, he didn’t understand DirectX – and instead of honestly trying to learn it, he spent his time hacking here and there, and bitching because it he couldn’t get it.

Finally I told him point blank what the problem is. Him. ya know what – even reality seemed to be too hard for him. Since part of his problem was with C++, I had him download Torque demo, and the IDE for it. He never got it to run – instead, he whined about it. Ya know what – this is NOT impressing me a single bit. Everything is too hard for him.

So I’ve got a plan – either he’s gonna learn how to address his fears, or, he’s going to quit doing game development entirely. I’ve pointed him BACK to the original point where we started talkin’ about stuff (Low Earth Orbit – L E O for short) and said get it done. If it gets to hard for him to do, then I’ll bitch slap him and tell him either finish it, or go get a real job. One or the other, because if you can’t do something like write ABOUT a game how do you expect to PROGRAM a game?

(Back to Earl Pitts)Wake up, Ahmericah! Why can’t people figure out that hard work gets the job done, not whining. And that if it was easy, everyone would be writing games. It’s not easy, but it’s damned rewarding – as long as ya remember to DO the work, and that you may have to actually – GASP – LEARN SOMETHING to get the job done! And yah know, it’s a amazin’ the amount of effort someone will spend on WHINING rather than WORKING! Pitts off!(Done with Earl…)

(For those who don’t know who the heck Earl Pitts is – well, you need to listen to him sometime. It’s one of Gary Burbank’s characters, and he’s damned helarious. And I do a perfect Earl Pitts impression – heck, I used to have most of one tape of his memorized!)

On happier subjects – the new bar is progressing nicely. We cut and set the slats for the bar last night (we didn’t have much time, mainly because of social stuff (watching the season finale of SmallVille. I really like that show.) Unluckly, I didn’t get much of a good night’s sleep – went to bed, and my mind went into game design mode. Damned I hate that – ‘specially cause the game is pretty much requires too much horsepower for modern PC’s. Damned – lost a night of sleep over nothing. Oh well… not every design can be ‘doable’.

Looking forward to working on the bar again tonight – Heabo and I have been havin’ fun watching this thing slowly develop into the centerpiece of our house 🙂



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you know davis, dave and i aren’t mind readers. it’s hard for us to know when to come over and work with the two of you if you don’t give us some notice, er well tell us anything at all!! ::smiles:: ::hugs::

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Well, we haven’t called for a reason – right now, we can only keep us busy, until after we get the bar done. Once we start tearing into the kitchen cabnets, then it’s more likely to be useful to have more people. Heck, Heabo and I were damned near stepping on each other working on the bar – just not enough room at the moment to manuver. After we get the bar complete, start expecting phone calls 😉

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