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Well, we sold the Lincoln. Woohoo! It’s still in the driveway – the Dr. that bought it (who drove up in a 1980 Lincoln – reminds me a bit of Larry B.) gave us $100 down, and is going to pick it up next Saturday. Perfect.

The cool part is that most of the money goes towards bills, but the remaining $200 goes towards startup cash for SixPence. Perfect – I can quit sweating where got get $50 for various startup related costs. Today when I get the chance I’ll start writing my detailed startup plan based off of our last company meeting, how much money it takes to do what, etc. I’ve still got a lot of phone-calls to make for potential licensing issues, etc., but for the most part things are looking good now.

I’ve got a couple of software related items to write for the company, mainly for a confirmed electronic wedding anouncement system I came up with, webpage hosting, wedding photogaleries, etc. Mainly it’s trivial stuff based on the various pre-existing free packages that exist, and I’ve just gotta roll them all together.

Heabo and I started on the house portion of the startup. Since we are using the house as a base of operations, both for office work and for meeting with clients, we have to do some SERIOUS work on the place. Right now, the house is completely trashed out. We pulled out the old bar, moved a couple of recepticles, moved a vent, 2/3rds healed the hole in the ceiling, and a few other misc. tasks. Now comes the real fun – we’ve built the base for the new bar, and are begining to build up the rest of the bar from the ground up. Heabo came up with this cool-ass octogon shaped bar concept – unluckly, it’s requiring quite a bit of work to get it ‘perfect’. Tis’ ok – it’s going to look awsome when completed.

The next step after that is to tear down all the old kitchen cabnets! We’ve already got all the wood for building the new ones setting in the truck right now, with the exception of trimwood. We also broke down and bought a brand-new router with table, and a box o’ router bits. Heabo knows a bit more about working with routers (IE, the woodworking type 😉 than I do, so she’ll get to teach me a bit about it. Works for me – I’m always interested in learning new toys 🙂

The kitchen cabnets will take about a day to build – they are dead simple. That bar, on the other hand, is requiring twice the amount of time to build! But it’s gonna improve traffic flow in the house ALOT.

I have a new game obsession, except it’s really the same old game obsession I’ve had before. Civilization II: Test Of Time. I played the hell out of Civ, and then CivII (And, then going backwards, CivNet, which is just Civ repackaged with network play code.) I love the Civ series – need to pick up CivIII some day. Civ II:TOT is borrowed from a friend, just to check it out – I’ll have to break down and buy it here in the next couple of months. If you like Civ, check it out – play the SciFi version in the game. It’s HUGE. Right now in the game I’m playing I’m populating two different planets, and the orbit of one planet.

Civ is very adictive, IMHO, but after a while I’ll get bored with it. And then a couple of months later, I’ll pull it out again, and play it for a while, get bored again, etc. The fact that I am still playing CivNet (which is at least 7 Years old – it was designed for both Windows 95 and Windows 3.1! As a testament to people who do programming right – it still runs flawlessly with Windows 2000!) I’d love to write games with THAT much staying power. I’ve considered introducing Heabo to Civ, but, I’m afraid I won’t see her for months after she gets started on a game!

lincoln is gone….yippee 


2002-05-28 08:43 am UTC (from (link)  Select

well congrats…and we are happy that the “gift” we gave you is finally worth something….besides a headache for you.!!ha

it was not meant to be so much trouble….but that is how the grandparents oliver felt after they gave it to us…..

so hopefully the doctor does not have troulbe with it too…..

sounds like yo two are really ripping in to your house project…..whew…so much to do little time..

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from kent…an idea or two 


2002-05-30 12:16 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Erik and I read this mag. artical a while ago. It was talking about the top 10 games they would like to see put on the market.

One was a religous fighting game… mortal combat with jesus and budda and such.

might be fun to play around with…. though religion is a touchy subject maybe you could do it with greek gods and brush it off as a edjucational thing

put in some famous heros like william wallace and call it a day… he could have a special move where he shoots lighting from his ass er something. 

Jesus could by in some tie dye shirt and throw flowers at people or wine in there eyes. 

hey you could even throw in a cow for the hindus in the world spray things down with milk. finishing moves where he makes people into hamburgers 

hell you could even have god as just a big hand that slaps people and calls for a flood. 

anyby maybe not the best idea for a game but hell might be fun.

Maybe you should do a frig surviver where everyone is produce…and they vote each other out after they do perilous tasks like dodging kitchen knifes and grazing fat guys who haven’t had lunch yet… or ah nevermind 

Maybe surdriver where everyone on the road is trying to kill you and your driving like a go cart … upgrade into an armored car er something 

How about a game that is like the old tank games or apes that throw expolding banana’s… where you had to choose the angle and the strength of the throw. Just think about ferrets throwing poop er something. call it weasle ball or poop flingers well maybe thats a little riskay. kids would love it

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