Moz 1.1 A, work, etc…

Mozilla 1.1 Alpha has been released. Two new features, one of them awsome – MUCH faster downloading of webpages with lots of small pictures (like Fark.Com) Unluckly, it broke my newest toy – LiveLizard under 1.1 crashes (that’s the Live Journal updater that I like so much.) Friggin’ bummer.

However, I’m starting to make use of all the cool little toys in Mozilla, including getting organized with the Address book (which works more like Outlook than Outlook Express – which is a good thing. I like Outlooks address book better than OE), and the Calender. I’ve finally got all the phone numbers for my friends and family in there, addresses, etc. (Except for the Colorado Clan – I’ve got Eric’s, but, I email Pop for thier address. Shoulda emailed Darlene instead – hey, if you happen to read this, drop a line with your phone # and address 🙂 I have to hunt down a couple o’ other people (like my friend Cassie, Tom & Gayle, etc.) and get thier info.

I’m getting organized. That’s just scary. A sign of a comming Apokalypse I’m sure.

Work has been kinda busy and odd this morning. Handling drawings, making up a job for PPL, etc. I expected a quiet day of programming. Go fig.

I read Darn’s post about Colorado (plus Heabo’s email on the subject). Ya know, there’s something in there that pisses me off – no smoking. Not because I can’t smoke (well, it is supposed to be relaxing, so I would RATHER smoke, but oh well), but because people are so damned stupid. Look – if you smoke, it’s bloody easy to make sure your cigarette is out. Really. Douse it in water, pop, liquid of some sort. Too simple. Or, knock the cherry off, stomp the shit outta the cherry, and put the rest in your pocket (which is my normal tactic out at the farm or in any park, or if I’m outside of someone’s house who doesn’t smoke.) Yet some people just don’t get it. It’s a source of fire. Plus, if you are in a park, why the hell litter it up with your cigarette butts?! Jesus – some people don’t have a clue in life.

our address 


2002-06-12 07:23 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Larry and Darlene Oliver

104 Madison Avenue

Loveland, Colorado 80537


Pop added to my email (comment on my live journal)

you can smoke ..just inside a car. 

so you will be getting your exercise and a nice relaxing walk with that smoke…..:)

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Re: our address 


2002-06-12 07:38 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

The first thing that popped in my mind about your comment of walking to the car to have a smoke was an old commercial:

“I’d walk a mile for a Camel”


Actually, I’ve worked on a couple of job sites where it’s a quarter mile walk minimum to go have a smoke. It wouldn’t be a first 😉

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