Wanna see how I blew part of my day?

Well, I just blew most of my day on writing “So You Want To Start A Game
Development Business”, and 9 page ‘how to’ of sort for self funding a game

The reason I wrote it was that I keep getting hit with
questions from people who expect that it’s all easy going to make it as a
game author. So the document tells it as it is, and explains that you can
self fund yourself, instead of trying to bug the shit outta everyone for

I emailed it to Jeff Tunnell, the president of Garage
Games, and it’s now going to be online at GG and going to be a part of thier
documentation online. I’ve also got a version of it online at MidnightRyder.Com.
If you want to check it out, Click Here
 It’s pretty brutally honest about the industry, and Jeff said it pretty
much matched his philosophy on how it works (Garage Games is self funded.)
 Hopefully now that’s a few less questions I’ve got to answer once a month,
and some less time that has to be spent answering that question in the Garage
Games forums. (Hey – I get lots of code snippets from the community posts
there, so I feel it’s only fair that I answer questions that come up that
I am familiar with.  Kind of a give and take thing here.)

It actually ended up being pretty good, I think.  A nice conversational style document, instead of a dry document.

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