My 27th Birthday 2

My 27th Birthday

Earl Grey tea infused cake.  Just let that roll around in your brain for a moment – it’s friggin’ tasty.  That’s what Morgan made me for birthday cake 🙂

My birthday was fairly sedate.  On the 29th, I pretty much just focused in on three things: searching for an apartment / house, looking for some part time work, and working on current projects.  I did take myself out to eat at N & J’s, and an evening drive.  Yes, a boring birthday, and I was good with that. 🙂

Because of other things going on, the roommates couldn’t do cake and supper on the 29th, so it was the 30th.  Morgan and Michal made meshi (sp?), a cabbage roll filled with beef and rice, covered in a nice tomato sauce.  And, of course, the Earl Grey tea infused cake, with a cream cheese icing.  (Morgan always cuts down the amount of sugar in all those recipes.  Since I don’t eat lots of sugar, eating someone else’s cake is usually way too sweet 🙂  Brent and John came and joined us for the supper, and a good time was had by all.  It was appropriately boring.

I got a couple of gifts, which you can see in the gallery below.  But, one of them stands out as being sort of amazing.  Kaida, Morgan & Michal’s daughter, does stuff with perler beads, and quite a bit of it is video game related (perler beads work great for old-school style 8-bit stuff.)  So, I was rather shocked by her present:  a perler bead version of Jumpman from Jumpman Forever!  How awesomely thoughtful is that?!

And, since it’s Saturday night, there’s now a fire going out in the backyard (I’d be out there, except my laptop was dead when I pulled it out to do the blog entry of the day.)  Yep, nice and boring.

Right now, boring is a really good thing.  I’m in the process of trying to get things arranged for a move.  Potentially, this could be the first time in, uh, five years maybe?  We’ll say five years.  Potentially, it’s the first time in five years that I’ll have lived alone.  For a while, that wouldn’t have been a good idea.  I would have reclused considerable.  It’s still going to happen somewhat if I move into my own space, but not as badly as it would have a year ago.

I’ve got leads on multiple places, though there’s a whole lot up in the air at the moment.  Tomorrow I’ll be looking at a basement apartment sort of setup – good price, and a pool!  But, I’d still be living with someone in that case – upstairs roommates, basically.

Getting a gig, on the other hand, is even more depressing than trying to find a place.  Right now, I’m not getting any responses, but I’ll keep trying.  Honestly, if I had two or three more writing clients, I’d make up the gap I need.  But, I just don’t see that happening at the moment.

I leave you with a little something special for this blog post:  Happy Birthday, sung in Klingon.


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