Trajectory now has 17 weapons so far, ranging from tracers to full-blown MIRVs. All but two of those weapons were done in one day. I’m kina impressed with myself on that. Mainly the weapons are variations on a theme, thought. 9 Weapons are single-shot missle weapons ranging from a small lober that does 10 points to a large nuke that does 100 points when it hits directly (50 point for a not-so-near-miss). While the explosions for the lobber class weapons looks pretty good, I’ve yet to perfect the explosions for the Nukes – I want a nice mushroom cloud made of particles floating up through the air. No dice so far on that.

I’ve also got multi-shot weapons like the ‘shotgun’ (mutiple ballistic particles), world lighter (not so much a damage weapon, but instead a weapon for finding opponents in the dark with a search light pattern), Mini-MIRV (COOL), and MIRV (Even cooler – but very dangerous. Right now it’s easy to kill yourself with one!)

Deformable terrain is out now. I talked to one of the guys at GarageGames, and he pointed me in the right direction – which was what I was looking at before. But, he showed me there’s now provisions for relighting a single area of the map, and a full relight takes about 4 seconds on a Dual PII/266. So I’d have to write code for that from scratch. PLUS – I have to map all the changes that occur to the map – and transmit them to any new clients that show up in the game. Considering the MIRVs, etc., a 5 minute game with 10 players could represent thousands of terrain deformations, all of which have to be transmitted to a new player joining the game, and recalculated before they can start. OUCH. I’ll leave that to Trajectory II if Trajectory works out well enough.

I guess armor and garb for the SCA is going to happen after all. Heabo and Jess went shopping for fabric yesterday, and found something perfect for my garb, for about $2/yd. Ok, that was cheap enough that I told her ta’ go ahead and grab it. She also got the fabric for all the dresses for Jess’s wedding, and for our ‘priestly’ outfits. Ya know, I kinda feel like an imposter in some ways, wearing something like a priest’s robe. (Actually, if it’s my robes for doing religious stuff, well, I guess that DOES make them priests robes!) But at the same time, I’m hyped about doing this. I don’t think it was ever in my list o’ wishes in life to become a Reverend, but, I’m glad I did it, even if it’s bloody simple. I really like the idea of being able to help someone do one of the most joyious things possible – get married. And if anyone were to ever ask me to marry ’em, I’d probably say yes in a heartbeat. It’s just too cool of a thing to do.

Well, heck. Work calls – finished writing up my price for fiber at ADM’s StarMill in Salina, and now I’m back to being a web designer again. *SIGH* I’ll be fine, if I don’t strangle the person in question.

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