The next game is crusing. I should make the end of May deadline that I set for it. Huge chunks of the game logic is complete. I’m now working on the various game weapons – or, more particularly, the various warheads used in the game. So what is this next game, since I’ve yet to actually reveal it (mainly because I wasn’t sure if I was going to change my mind again!)? Trajectory. Take the old game Scorched Earth, and make it Real Time instead of turn based. Give it multi-player capability. Then plop it into a 3D world. So far, it’s not much to look at – I’m still working on the UI. It’s just buttons and bars on the screen that tell you what you are doin’, and the 3D game it’s self.

OK, I sat down to enter this first thing at work, figuring for a slow day. No dice. I got one paragraph done, and suddenly a buncha people needed stuff done Right Now. No biggie, just not what I expected!

Things are quiet again (for now? 😉 Stopped, checked the comics, etc. Ok, now I’m ready to start the real work again – game programming 😉

Park… er… The Baron of Vatavia emailed me and said everything should be a go for using the Onager at the Newman RenFair, but, he’s double checking. I’ve got all but the throwing arm done – haven’t gotten back out there for that yet. Once I do that, I need to head up a crew, and figure a place to shoot this thing again, to test it all out 🙂

Unluckly, going to renfair requires garb, ‘specially for Education Day. That’s something I don’t have. I’ve got bits o’ armor for fighting if I want to, but, no garb. IF I had my armor done, I know how I could just wear the upper portion of the armor, with a pair of light green sweatpants and sweatshirt under it, and it would actually be semi-authentic looking. I really don’t think I could pull off my armor in time, but, given that it’s going to be raining for the next couple of days, I suppose I could take the time off from the yard to do the armor instead. Not sure if it would get done in time – I’m trying to be very careful about this, since I won’t be building another piece like this for quite some time. But it should look WONDERFUL, and fairly distinctive – exactly what I’ve been wanting. Something that looks good at a demo 🙂

Heabo and I are putting a stop to most of our larger money projects for a while, while we get some more bills paid off. After tax returns come in, we’ll have quite a bit paid off, and we’ll go back to normal . But for now, it’s all ‘cheap stuff’ type repairs. That’s not a bad thing – it also means we’ll finish off some of our half-done projects, and I’ll get more programming time.

Ok, that’s been the Davis Report for the day 😉

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