Not a bad day at all!

Today definitely falls in the category of good days 🙂 Granted, any day that starts with someone messaging me a “Good Morning” on my phone is a good day anyway!

Managed to get the resteraunt project going further down the road, after A LOT of difficulties. The difficulties in the project aren’t all done yet, and tomorrow I’ve got to get into it with the owner of the business (he has to spend an extra $850 to get the plumbing done. He’s a bigger tight ass than I am, so, that’s going to be “one of those things”. Eh.

Unluckily, I didn’t sleep well the night before, and the day started very early (for me very early anyway – not everyone views 7:15 AM as early :-). Walked around the house as a zombie for 15 to 20 minutes, took a shower, and headed out the door.

Totally forgot to slap the nicotine patch on my back. Duh. So I ended up damned near chain smoking for the entire day.

And I finally managed to see my long lost friend face to face. 16 years has gone by, and she looked almost exactly the same. Amazing. It’s wild to find what paths have taken us where – and trying to cover 16 years of “So, what have you been up to?” in an hour conversation is impossible. Especially when there’s a moment or two of “remember when” and that sort of thing.

Heck, I think that’s the first time I haven’t finished and entire open faced prime rib sandwich. Never touched the potato, ate half the meat. I just wanted to know everything, and share everything that’s happened. Not even sure I managed to hit the highlights that well even 🙂

Meeting up ended way to fast – though, it ended with a promise that we’d never loose track of each other again. So, we have the opportunity now to catch up over time. But it was still just too short. One again though, a situation ended up making me think of the work of someone more creative than I – in this case, Rush – “Time Stand Still”. I wish I could have froze that moment, let the world just pass us by for a while, so we really had the chance to spend the time. But it’s ok – when we need each other, we know where we are now.

“The world is a magical place.”

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