“The world is a magical place”

“The world is a magical place”

“The world is a magical place.” There are a ton of phrases that I carry around with me, that I’ve picked up from one place or another, and a few I coined myself. One of my business partners has been known to quote me, and even wrote one of my self-coined phrases on business on his monitor as a reminder.

“The world is a magical place.” Might sound simple, might sound even childish in a way. But you know what? It’s a phrase I’m going to carry forever in my heart and soul now – because I KNOW it’s true now. Amazing.

It means stupid romantic notions can be real. That makes it one of the most powerful phrases I know of, because it just reshaped a reality for me. If the world is a magical place, then anything is truly possible, and the world becomes infinitely more interesting.

“The world is a magical place.”

Once upon a time…

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