Odd reminder on my writing and publishing tasks, and blogging with Siri

Every Thursday night I’ve been teaching a WordPress class and this week was all about monetizing websites. This really covered pretty much all the different possible ways to make money off a website. This includes things like writing books and selling them online.

This suddenly remind me that I have two unpublished role playing playing games sitting in my writing folder. I suppose it’s time to get off my duff to the cover art and finish was books and get it out.

The plastic army game only requires cover art to be complete. The sequel to The Horror Game entitled long-term commitments (it’s an extension of the game for insane people who want to run campaigns around The Horror Game) only requires a couple of scenarios be added and new cover art.

And unfortunately it’s been this way for months. I got busy with other things – mainly work – that distracted me from finishing up what I started.

It sort of boggles my mind that I can have complete books in there and not publish them. This is after struggling so much to finish up The Story of Gamer Zone and the firstv ersion of the horror game.

So, part of next month’s goals; finish and publish the plastic army game didn’t finish and publish the horror game.

Next month there are no class to be taught, so I’ll have an extra couple nights a week month to work on them.

I’m also in the process of making couple of little changes to IZ and getting back on track with publishing on IZ, Muse and Autobiography of a Super Villain.

One extra thing to note about this blog entry. It was done using Siri on iPhone 4S. I’ve tried before to use voice dictation software for writing. Up till now I’ve hated every experience I’ve ever had with it.

But Siri is different. Somehow, their accuracy is much, much higher than any of the pieces of software I’ve ever dealt with. Siri requires Internet connection to be effective unfortunately, because Apple sends everything back to their servers. Synagogue, where I’m sitting right now, doesn’t have Wi-Fi – so I am completely dependent upon 3G service. Amazingly, Siri is still exceedingly fast even on 3G.

For me this is good news. I will end up trying Siri on when my next upcoming trips – a 12 hour trek to Wisconsin – which give me a chance to make turn that into effective writing time. I’m flat-out amazed how little time I have to spend editing Siri’s text. Apple managed to do this one right.

Now I just wish Siri would also run on my iPad I suppose I jailbreak would do the trick but, I doubt I end up jailbreaking it because I use it for development.

But it’s always nice to find another tool that I can use to further my writing. Anything that words helps down on the page is useful.

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