I Survived The 2011 Kansas Earthquakes and…

I Survived the 2011 Kansas Earthquakes
The Unofficial Official TShirt for the Oklahoma Earthquakes (as felt in Kansas 🙂

OK, I’m a jerk to say this but… I kinda like the whole earthquake thing.  I’d like it a lot more if it wasn’t damaging peoples homes, of course!

I happened to have Photoshop open working on another project, so I snagged a photo out of my photo gallery (it used to say “I think, therefore, I Mac” – which oddly enough I’m wearing at the moment) and whipped this up real quick just for fun.

Yes, earthquakes in the midwest is a really bad thing (our homes and buildings aren’t built for that sort of stress!)  But it’s neat to get to feel one on a small scale – I’ve never been in one before.  This last time I was in a 3 story apartment complex and felt it quite a bit more than the first one (which was a 5.6, vs a 4.7 tonight) because 0f being on the second story and ’cause it’s a wood structure.

Now that I’ve felt one or two… yeah, the earth can quit moving now. 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Survived The 2011 Kansas Earthquakes and…”

  1. 4,7…. wow, in Chile we don’t even feel those. It has to be over 5,0 to be noticed, and over 6,0 for anyone to be worried about it….
    for you, this country would be like a huge rollercoaster!!!! xD

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