Oh Boy! Solid food!!!!

Ahh, one of those things that you never think about until you have problems with it – solid food. Before surgery yesterday, I didn’t eat anything. After the surgery, I really didn’t feel like eating anything, but about 2 PM I made raman noodles. No dice. Couldn’t keep the pad in the side of my mouth and eat at the same time.

About 5 I was really hungry, so I bought pudding, clam chowder, and somethin’ else I can’t recall. Put the clam chowder in the blender, and pureed that sucker. Then discovered I can’t eat it that way. Ate a little cheese cake and some custard pudding (YUM!) But I really didn’t eat that much of any of the above (Jess has custard pudding to eat today – left it for her)

So it was a WONDERFUL delight to eat two breakfast burritos for breakfast this morning. I cheated, and hit McD’s on the way to work (though I brought me soup for lunch though) How wonderful to have solid food after none for a day!

I’m taking off early tomarrow, around 11 AM – gonna go to the new Warren East and get balcony seats to the first showing of the opening day of the new theater. Spiderman is showing – should be good. The balcony seats at the Warren are $15 per ticket, but, they have custom french Love Seats with a little button to summon the service people, and the serve ya drinks and food. Pretty slick deal.

Oh, and as for how I speak with two teeth missing – since it’s the first day without cotton stuck in my mouth, it’s a bit odd. Basically the only problem is when I pronounce an ‘S’ it’s a bit odd because I’ve got air goin’ through a spot it’s not supposed to. A little work and it will sound just like normal – but it’s temporary anyway since I’m getting fake teeth inserted where they used to be. So I’ll have to train myself, then untrain myself!


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Silly Boy.


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