Oh geeky joys!

Well, it’s 3 AM as I post this. I should be in bed, however, I got my hands on a new toy. A Matrox G400 Dual Head. I have one at work, and LOVE having two monitors for programming – put your notes on one monitor, and your programming environment on the other. Then when test running, move your programming environment to the secondary monitor, and the game runs on the primary monitor. Great for debugging, and a host of other things!

We were standing around talking about Jeff’s machine, and it’s need for a new video card (or rather, the need for a whole new machine. Thank GOD Packard Bell went out of business! Sheesh…) Dave mentioned he had a G400 Dual Head that he wasn’t using – I jumped at it. I told him I’d buy it from him, but, he’s never set a price on it yet. I’ll have Midnight Ryder Technologies buy it. This will actually do A LOT for me – no more alt-tab shuffle while programming! Plus, just having my NOTES on a second screen… awsome.

hey heads up 


2002-06-16 11:16 am UTC (from (link)  Select

we just got the word from Jessica that they will not be coming…..

but she did mention to her Dad (Pop) that Morgan and Michael offered to give you guys a ride out here……

so I thought I sould pass that on to you and heather….

I realize that heabow is probably out to lundh with her dad and now that I think about it….so are you…..?? or not….

father’s day is a strange time to get in touch with folks…..they scatter…..

anyway…we are off to do a little father’s day things ourselves….buy some fishes for our tank …..lumber yard…..etc……

so talk to you soon…….

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Re: hey heads up 


2002-06-17 09:31 am UTC (from, via (link)  Select

Yep – Morgan called us about seein’ if we wanted to hitch a ride. (But thanks for makin’ sure we knew! You know ho communication is somtimes 😉 Actually, we’ve got the ride part covered already – we’ll be takin’ the Caddy. I talked with Larry while we had lunch with ’em yesterday just to make sure he didn’t know of a problem that would prevent us from getting to Colorado, and to make sure he had no problems with us takin it up there (I didn’t figure he did, but, it IS his car so I thought I would make sure!) I’m going to look at the A/C a bit, just to see if there’s anything I can do, but I doubt it. We are planning our trip to avoid the heat of the day, just in case it happens to be 99 degrees or something horrid like that 😉

Plus, personally, I much rather the idea of Heabo and I gettin’ some time alone out on the open road than ridin’ with Morgan & Michael. I like our book readings and such, and we pick interesting routes to and from Colorado now 🙂

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