Trajector update – mutators, etc.

Well, it’s been a busy week, and this one isn’t gonna go any slower 😉
Hired Kevin Bench to do modeling. Wow – I am impressed with the work he’s got in his portfolio, and just like Eric Forhan, he’s what will make the difference in the Trajectory project for being a minor shareware game to a seriously more professional looking title.
Eric Forhan has one level pretty much done – looks pretty good. I love his skybox for the level – the sun on the level is realistic enough that you squint a bit looking into it. Wonderful stuff!
Programmed something new – Unreal Tournament style ‘mutators’ for Torque. Right now, I’m going through and making a bunch of changes to make writing a mutator even easier for end users, but the system is already working for the most part. It’s a dead easy system of doing things from the end user perspective, and for me it makes life easier – the UI has simplified a bit because of it. I’ve implemented 11 mutators so far that do things like patch all 25 weapons at once (for instance, one of them makes all the weapon ammo’s have bouncyness to them.) The cool part of the mutators system – if someone produces a mutator that replaces a weapon, then the global weapons mutators (like the bouncyness) will automatically apply to the new weapon also :-) 
A number of people responded to my forum post about doing something like this, but, none of the answers were QUITE what I wanted – they worked from a technical standpoint, but didn’t fill the needs for what I wanted from a UI aspect.
Once I get the game ready to actually ship, I’ll be releasing full documentation on the mutators system for anyone else who wants to implement it. I’m writing the documentation as I go, so that later I can pretty much just up and release stuff and people can start messin’ with it immediately. (The reason for waiting – I want to have it completely done and tested before I submit it as a resource. I’d hate to submit a broken or buggy resource 😛 )
Trajectory may end up with a couple of single-player levels in it as ‘practice levels’ to play with. The game is still supposed to be multi-player only. 
And this week I’ll finally put the new UI in place, and finally release screen shots 🙂
Anthony Rosenbaum   (Jun 18, 2002 at 11:36)
when you gonna post you Weapon type tutorial? I waiting for that one?

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