Oh yea, that’s right – some people do read this thing!

A WTF Moment…

I’m chatting with Meredith today, and she asks “Did Heather email ya back?”  I looked at her blankly for a moment, wondering “How the hell did she know I emailed Heather last night?”, and started to ask her exactly that… then remembered, oh yeah, she reads my blog from time to time :-)  Hell, didn’t even realize she had subscribed to my blog and got the updates when I post a new one.  Kinda funny, IMO.

Oddly enough, I’ve had this sort of WTF moment thing happen quite a few times over the years, mainly from my GarageGames .plan files back when I used ta’ do them.  I don’t have NEARLY as many people reading my personal blog as I did there, but I’d get email and such from my .plan files (same as a blog these days now) from people wanting to talk more about professional stuff I said in there on game development, etc.

But there is a small part of my brain that actually knows that someone somewhere is gonna see it, so I always avoid three subjects:  Sex, current relationships (no real problem right now :-), and Sex.  Yes, sex is on the list twice, even if I’m not having any :-)  I realized the other day MySpace has more than one way of filtering your blog entries – I may actually set up a preferred list one o’ these days so I can blog about that, but not sure it’s even worth the effort. 

Meredith also asked if I still have a copy of the novel I was working on from way back when.  Someone, setting on a back up CD is a copy of it.  The writing is CRAP.  But the concept is damned cool.  I’ll have to hunt it down and post a bit o’ it on here.  Heck, I think I only reached about half done with it.  It’s gonna be quite a while before I hack on it again though – I’ve got too many projects in the queue now as it is.

More About Drama

I mentioned the need for a bit o’ drama in my relationships, and refined it in my mind even further.  There’s three types when it comes to drama – people who seem to attract drama, people who cause drama, and people who manufacture drama.  Jessica, for instance, manufactured drama continuously.  That was WAY too much for me sometimes.

So there’s a balance somewhere between no drama and lots o’ drama which is the goal.  Can’t say exactly what that level is though.  Someday I’ll figure that one out 🙂

Wine and Chatter

Lance ended up having to go into the office while a while tonight, so I snagged a glass of wine and stole Meredith for a while to talk about relationships, other people I’ve gone out with (including her a bit), etc., etc., etc. 

Some of it covered existing territory.  But there were a couple o’ comments that gave me some serious brain fodder.  One of ’em was how Meredith thought I was much more “me” when I was writing in my blog than I am most of the time walkin’ around.  It took her a bit to explain it to me in small enough words for me to fully grasp what she meant by this :-) 

I’ve spent a lot of my life being a self-promoting person for the projects that I work on for instance.  So, when I’m talking to someone, it’s quite often that I’m still that way – the business guy side o’ me still comes out.  But it really goes deeper than that – truth is, I STILL have self-worth issues.  I don’t own much of anything, I am ten buttloads in debt, and don’t make tons of money.  Because I feel like I’ve got so little, often I end up trying to sell myself to people on my strong points, and downplay all those weaknesses.  She commented that those vulnerabilities are attractive if it’s a part of you.  And oddly enough, Heather had made a similar comment a while back.  Hm – two women, similar comment.  OK, gotta pay attention to that one 😉

Another interesting thing that she had to say was that well… see, I’m pretty much a “do whatever you want to, it’s your life” sort of guy when I with someone.  I’ll be steadfast faithful, but I could care less if my partner is for example.  I’m so interested in letting the other person have their own personal freedom, but I’ll happily hand them the keys to my castle and let ’em lock me up inside (or, more appropriately, lock myself inside and throw the key to ’em out the window.) 

There were a bunch of other observations on her part too, but, I’ll save them until my brain has processed ’em a little better.

This, of course, puts me back in the “contemplation” state of things again.  So much for going out and finding someone to expend my “Romantic Energy” on 🙂

MORE Work?

Holy fucking shit – I’m having a hard time keeping up with the work I have to do now (and, um, setting around drinking wine and chatting with Meredith tonight probably didn’t help ;-), but Patty found out someone else had a camera at Equifest that shot the same showing of the Fresians that I did.  Which means I now have a two-camera setup to edit from!  YAHOOOO!  I love having at least two cameras to work from – it makes so much nicer output in the end, where when I don’t have a shot on camera A, or bumped the tripod, or whatever, I switch to B, and everything looks good.

Now I uh, just need to find some time ta’ mix it all together.  I’m actually going to be exporting a shortened version for the Tallefer farms website (which I finally got a yae or nae on the logo which is the centerpiece of the site. Which means now… I fucking have yet another task on the stack to complete. :-)  So, I’ll toss the two minute or so video up on here for people to check out, just for the heck of it when I’m done.

I’d really like to get caught up with work by the end of April.  Not only do I have a script I’d like to finish, but while doing a website for a friend I realized I finally had all the components I needed “off the shelf” to build a project I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while!  I’d LOVE to tackle that – but it’s gonna be a while before I can get to it either.

The flip side of being so busy is, well, the more projects I get done, the more bills I can pay off, and the closer I get to accomplishing my goals.  Ok, and I’ll admit – if I can get a number of ’em paid off, I’m going to finally break down and buy me a Guitar Hero setup 🙂

Geeky Phone Fun

So I discovered that my phone could indeed receive email (though, it appears that I can’t send email outbound on it, or it’s getting spam trapped somewhere – still working that part out.)  Which produces an interesting new idea – I’ve now got a set of filters setup where if someone sends me an email and they are in my contact list, it forwards a copy to my phone.  Basically, it means that for support for domains like BillWiley.Com, I know instantly when something goes wrong.  But it also means I’ve got an almost working mobile email platform for chatting with friends too.  Yeah, I know, I’m an addict when it comes to being connected to the rest of the world. 

And again this is the sort of functionality that I want the iPhone for someday.  When a CDMA version of the iPhone comes out that’s workable on Cricket, I’m gonna be in mobile geek nerdvana. 

As it is, figuring out how to make it work was a good example of the functionality of mobile web browsing (which is small and painful, but workable).  Cindi and Neil and I were at the Anchor for lunch today, and they had their laptop browsin’, and I asked Cindi to try something real quick, and it didn’t work.  So I hopped on my phone’s browser, googled about it, found the right way to do it, and had her try it again – success!

Now, I did screw one thing up when I created the filters on Mac Mail – I acedentally told it to apply it to my EXISTING email folders.  Aw, shit.  I have 7 active email accounts at the moment (one of them is actually a meta-email account that all the domains I host forward postmaster and admin requests to, which accounts for another 8 email addresses).  Luckly, it ONLY sends stuff to my phone from people I have in my address book.  Which is 30 people.  45 minutes or so later, it was finally done sending me email to my phone.  *SIGH*  Well, it was a bit funny, and I had to turn of the ringer for a while – otherwise it was going to bloody well drive me nuts 🙂

Construction Nerdvana

Yesterday I got to spend some time listening to MP3’s on my phone’s MP3 play functionality.  Today, I got to do it almost all day.  Cool part is the phone actually has enough battery lifetime to pull off listening all day – I didn’t bother shutting it off if someone was chatting with me, I just took the ear buds out and talked to ’em and left the music playing. 

This meant I was bopin’ along all day to tunes and getting some serious work done :-)   I am SOOOOO happy with this phone – one of the first times I can say I felt like I got my money’s worth from a damned cell phone. 

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