Ow… ow… ow…

Since I’m starting to get self-concious about my remaining gut, I started my ab workout routine this morning.

OW. I’ve recovered from it already, but, for 30 minutes I was pretty sore from it. It takes a very very short period of time to start feelin’ it in the abs – took some serious convincin’ myself to actualy complete the routine. Made me think of a T-Shirt I saw on some gal at the gym last night: “Pain is just Weakness leaving the body.” If that’s the case, I just lost a lot of weekness.

Starting tonight I’m moving to a every other day rotation of upper body and lower body to see how well it works.

Finally completed Deus Ex last night. I discovered three different ways to complete the game, each with it’s own ending. None of them are a ‘perfect’ ending. I kinda like it that way – it feels a bit more like good story telling than most games. Heck, for the most part it doesn’t even deal with killing a big boss bad guy – something I thought was excellent. I kept assuming I’d have to kill this bad ass guy, and never had to.

One interesting note: there’s some interesting possible forshadowing of extreme political possibilities. At one point, the US falls under Martial law, and Constitutional Rights are suspended entirely. What happened? The US President sets up as absolute controller (but is really a puppet) of the US after a series of terrorist attacks on US soil. FEMA (one of the agencies the tends to be picked on by authors anyway) ends up in control of pretty much everything. In reality, it ends up the a shadow govornment is really in control of the situation (actually, it’s more complicated than that, since you really have more than one shadow govornment trying to keep control, culminating in one of them tossing a nuke at the other’s HQ – successfully even.)

The only thing that I didn’t really like – the main character (that you play) has the emotional levels of a block of wood. Despite everything that’s going on, he’s somewhat detached from everything. Basically, he’s a tool of the establishment – of course, the problem is WHICH establishment he’s a tool of is what you determine through your gameplay. I suppose that really your internal responses to what’s going on should just be associated with the character, since he’s who you are playing. But, since he does all the talking on-screen, it’s hard to really have that association.

I’ll end up playing the game from begining to end one of these days again – I really enjoyed the game experience, and would really like to see a Deus Ex 2 (oddly enough, they really pretty much ‘finalized’ everything within the game with all three endings – it would be damned hard to use the main character, J C Denton, again in a sequel.) However – due to lack of time I won’t be playing it all the way through again right now. It’s gonna have to wait a couple o months.

Instead, it’s time to get back to working on the kitchen cabinets again, and getting prepped to move my office (My office moves to the exersize room, the exersize room moves to the bedroom, and the bedroom moves to the office. Heabo’s office also partially moves to the new office, and we actually will spend our time together more often cause of it 🙂

One more thing concerning Deus Ex – it really has gotten me to thinking about how to present the next evolution in games as a story telling vehicle. I can think of ways to improve upon it, but, it would take YEARS to develop a game that I have in my head. I’m not sure I have that much patience. So instead, I’ve been thinking about the engines themselves that have to run a story – instead of a true storyline, what’s needed is something that runs the game more like a GM runs a fantasy game. I have a feeling I’ll be doing some serious research off in the future.

Ok, time to crank down and do some serious work.

“I say Cool is a rule, but,
Sometimes Bad is Bad.”
– Huey Lewis & The news, Bad is Bad


2002-08-08 08:24 am UTC (from (link)  Select

Glad to hear that workout is working for you! 😉 I didn’t even know you had done it this morning, I was pretty foggy.

What made you decide to start the switch of with your workouts? It sounds like a good idea to me- But I’m biased towards the total body sorta thing.

Oh and did you make those calls about the home gold loan? I can send you the list of ‘things needed:’ if you forget anything.

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2002-08-08 08:53 am UTC (from unknown,, via (link)  Select

Nope – nothin’ yet on the home loan stuff. I’ve been crankin’ away on stuff so far this mornin :-/ Since I just stopped to respond to this, and do a couple o’ other things, I’ll give the insurance and the bank a call and get things rollin’ on getting my paperwork together. I’ve got the list of things needed – I’ve got the original .pdf from her open on my machine, just in case I get lost about something 😉

Part of the reason is that switching to legs will also exersize the lower portion of my abs, and I can sharpen up some of the cuts in my legs, and build a little more muscle. Plus I want to see what the effect is on development on my upper body by taking a day off between workouts.

As for missin’ my workout – it’s actually fairly short (3 exersizes, 2 ~ 8 reps each depending on the exersize, and 2 ~3 sets of each. After I get it down to a routine, it’s probably only going to take 5 – 6 minutes every morning to do.)

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2002-08-08 03:40 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Try this for an ab workout. I do these 3X a week but I may be upping that 5 since Lance wants to go every day. Feet on a wall so that legs are at a 90 degree angle. 15 crunches, 15 to the right (cross legs-right ankle on left knee; left hand behind neck and bring elbow to right knee), 15 to the left (opposite as above), 15 crunches with legs lifted holding a exercise ball between the ankles. There’s one set. now do another set with 12 of each, and another set with 10 of each. That’s 111 crunches for those at home keeping track. OUCH!

The legs lifted one is suppose to be hitting more of the lower abs but I’m not feeling it as much there. I need to find something to replace it that will hit the lower part a little better.

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2002-08-08 03:44 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Make that 148 crunches. I added 3 types instead of the 4 (crunch, left, right, and legs up)

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Mathmatics was never your thing… 


2002-08-09 07:54 am UTC (from unknown,, via (link)  Select

Just kidding 😉

I’ll probably stick with this for a week, and see how it goes. If I don’t like it, I’ll give your a shot and see how that works. I hate ab workouts – I never really feel like it’s doin’ that much except causin’ pain 😉 One of the things I like about this is the short amount of time it takes – but I doubt the one you proposed would take much more time either!

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Oh and… 


2002-08-09 07:56 am UTC (from unknown,, via (link)  Select

You should really make some journal entries one o’ these days so the rest of us can keep up with the sorrid details of your life 😉 Only fair – you get to read all about ours 🙂

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