Well, it looks like the potential for an end to Heabo and I’s financial burdens are moving much closer.

After getting emailed some info from the gal I’ve been talking to about refinancing the house, I looked it over and things look good. Heabo and I had discused it at length already based on what had been discussed on the phone, and it sounded good then. Looking at it on paper looks even better.

While the gal (Rebecca – ‘the gal’ starts to sound a bit odd after a bit 😉 had a list of credit cards, loans, etc. that showed our financial sistuation, she had no way of knowing that we actually overpay every month so that we could get out of debt faster. So our monthly savings actually go up even more than she shows on paper, between $300 and $500 a month more (we are payin’ off my loan FAST, doing double and even tripple payments at times.) Not bad. Hell, I think I’d be happy with JUST the $300 free and clear from bills. But in reality, we end up with something close to $1000 clear every month if we wanted to do it that way.

However – Heabo and I discussed our financial plans at length as to what we plan on doing with the extra income. As the plan sets now, we’ll throw $900 towards the house every month (the house payment would be $462 every month, so, we almost double it. At that payoff plan, we would have the entire house paid for in 5 years, 2 months.) But – up to $250 each month can be taken away from the actual payment and spent on home improvements, which improves the resale value of the home. We don’t get it paid off quite as fast that way, but we do continue to put the money to good use that way.

So this will be one huge stress removed from Heabo and I’s lives. Granted, we still can’t afford to go out and buy new cars, things like that at the moment. But we can do things like resume going out on date night every Friday (instead of the sporadic trend as of late), and continue to rebuild the house. Woohoo 🙂



2002-08-07 04:36 pm UTC (from (link)  Select

Tisha and I will let you know what dinner at Scottish Company is like tonight. Taking Val and Tisha out to celebrate a surprise bonus check that I got along with the news to expect to be included on management outtings from here on out….. Great just what I want being invite to dinners and the bar where I’m the only non-management person there.

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