Punch Obama Supporters in the Face? You Thought That Was a Good Idea?

Let me start by saying I voted for Obama.  Not because I felt he was the best choice, but because he was the better choice based on his competitor.  Mitt Romney was not a good choice.  I’m a Republican (a moderate Republican, in particular – but that’s a totally different rant), and I wanted to see Mitt Romney get no where near the White House.

Week #1 Winner!
Week #1 Winner!

Having said that – hey, people that voted for either one had good reasons.  I’ve had good, lively debates on both sides of the argument.  Never once did I think “You know what?  People should just punch Romney supporters in the face.”

But, on Fox News, that’s what we just got:  Andrea Tantaros, in an interview on Fox, she said: “…a lot of people voted for him. And if you see any of those people today, do me a favor: punch them in the face.”

Really?  You’re kidding right?  Just just advocated violence against a political party on TV?  She didn’t even just say it once as a passing comment – she actually said it a second time to clarify that she didn’t mean that you should punch President Obama in the face, just Obama supporters.

I understand there’s considerable tension between various political factions in the United States right now.  And I understand that many reporters and commentators on politics have taken up the practice of saying the most bombastic things possible to get more viewers / readers / listeners.  But advocating violence?  There’s a line that no one should cross, and that was it.

And if she really wants to start punching Obama supporters in the face:  just remember, quite a few of them would probably hit back, and there’s a good chance many of them are bigger than you.

So, I’m resurrecting a concept I once was toying with – though I’m naming it a little less bombastic than my original – and


Punch Obama Supporters in the Face? You Thought That Was a Good Idea? 1

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