Script Insanity, more Davis Improvements.

OK, I keep having this other romantic comedy idea of mine running around in my head for quite a while, distracting me from my current script work. I knew how it ended, so I fired up Celtx today, and write the ending.

Jesus H Christ, I love the ending. Just a little suspense to make the watcher nervous for a moment, possibly thinking “It can’t end that way. That’s not how this is supposed to work!”

Now the bitchy part about that script – I can’t do it currently. No matter how much I may like the ending, it’s unfeasable to shoot what this script would take. But I’ll throw it in the projects directory, and if I should ever find myself with enough money to make a movie like that, I’ll pull it out. Of course, that would also mean I have to write the rest of the script. It’s probably gonna end up being one o’ those “pet projects” type things. Gotta admit – I wish life had endings like this. Oh well 🙂

But at least it’s out of my head now, and I can focus better on the current piece of insanity. Technically, I’m still on the Second Draft – but, it’s more like the Third. I toasted the way I was doing the second draft. It was better than the first, but, still way lacking. I hadn’t even reached the end when I decided it was time to redo the whole damned thing.

If my predictions are correct, the this one will be almost the final draft (there will be some tweaking before I call it final). Cool.

Worked out, etc. today. I almost worked out twice – I felt so damned good afterwards, and a couple hours later I was seriously considering putting in a second workout because I wanted to feel that way again. Some people get addicted to drugs, some people to video games, etc. Me, I get addicted to feeling good 🙂

I have no idea if I’ve lost any weight. Well, that’s not really appropriate with me anyway. Once I’m working out, I build muscle mass like crazy for a while. I won’t look huge and muscle bound or anything – I just get REALLY dense muscles, and some nice definition to me. And if the past is any indication, I’ll still have a gut. I guess ya’ can’t have it all 🙂 But I FELL great – which is good, since it makes me want to continue 🙂

I’m going to try and see if I can do something a little different to try and remove a little of that gut on the front. Working on R & S, I haven’t been eating my usual eggs & rice for breakfast (actually, it’s eggs, rice, some serious hot sauce, and meat – something I learned from my ex-in-laws in Colorado) Instead I’ve been having McDonalds for breakfast, because I don’t have the extra 10 minutes to cook. So I pre-cooked 6 days worth of breakfast. Then I took it a little further, and cooked 6 days worth of rice & meat based lunches. Lately I’ve either been having fast food, or calling up Harmon, Cindy, or Brandon to see if they wanted to go out to lunch. I hate to eat alone, but, it costs too much to go out to eat every day, and most of the food is way unhealthy. So I pre-cooked it, then bought myself a little heating element I can use on the job site to re-heat it with.

I also bought me a nice mug, some instant tea, and some lemon. I can’t STAND to drink city water (I fucking hate it with a passion. I grew up in the country with some really good well water – I can’t stand all the stuff that happens to Cheney Lake water on it’s way to Wichita.) Which means I end up drinking A LOT of Pepsi when I’m working. Fuck that – I wanna loose my gut, so I’ll drink instant tea (I’d bitch about not having any ice, but, uh, I’m lucky if my drink doesn’t freeze over on the job site! 🙂

When I was working in China, I ate rice, 3 meals a day. I was a bit of a fat fuck when I showed up in China, and after eating rice daily, I lost quite a bit. Wonder if that same theory holds here?

Those two additions to my routine should make a difference to my Davis Improvement plan – let’s see if we can knock off a little of that gut. The meals have quite a bit of protine without having a buttload of fat involved, and no sugar. A bit of veggies to boot. And if I’m not drinking Pepsi non-stop at work, I’m cutting a LOT of empty calories out in a hurry. I go through (I’m not exaggerating here) three to four 52 oz. cups of Pepsi at work. Thankfully, I don’t drink NEARLY as much when I get home – I switch to tea when I get home.

Ya know, the more I look at this, the better this plan sounds! Maybe some day I could have a nice flat stomach (or 6 pack abs would be nice too, but I’m not holding my breath on either one 🙂

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