Wow – birthdays can suck, health stuff, and Improving Davis

I had talked to my (ex) sister-in-law Morgan on Friday morning, and not only was she coming to the birthday dinner, so was her hubby and thier little one. Cool – that would have been 6 people. Ends up the little one starts puking before the event, and that left 3 people – Meredith (the birthday girl), her hubby, and me. Damn, what a bummer. But we had some fun tasting wines and yackin’ someplace outside of the house.

As a complete afterthought, I realized the perfect place to have taken Meredith for her birthday – either Chester’s Chophouse & Wine Bar, or Oena Wine Bar (which just opened). She mumbled at some point about her birthday sucking, so I told her I’d take her there next weekend (‘specially since she doesn’t have to work) Lance will probably go for the food (how can you go wrong with a good steak ;-), but he’ll leave the the wine tasting up to us.

After Red Rock, we went out to the club, and spent way too much money on drinks and tips. At least Meredith had a good time there – but still, I really wish she coulda’ had a better Birthday.

One nice thing that has came with getting older – I drink as much as I want too, and rarely pay for it the next day. No hang overs, no sluggishness, etc. I love that. Which made going in and doing a little more construction on R & S today pretty easy 🙂

I finally got the chance to stop by Whole Foods and add one more thing to my list of stuff for me getting back into shape – an Amino Acid supplement, nice and broad spectrum. I mentioned it before, and it’s worth mentioning again – the body has memory. In this case, I popped one of the amino acid tablets, and 5 minutes latter my body was pumped – it felt like I was in mid-workout. Amino Acids are only building blocks, not metabolic enhancers (ok, not strictly true – it does affect your metabolism some, but not much and not immediately) It was my body’s reaction to adding yet another part of the workout routine back to my schedule – a daily amino acid.

Ye gods I love that feel though. Nothing like walking around for a couple of hours feeling completely pumped up to make you feel great!

I also got my hair trimmed up a bit, a new brush, and some new stying gel.

I’ve been going through quite a bit of effort lately to look good, and improve myself. Running into an old friend who looks insanely good when compared to me was definitely a good thing at motivating me. But the end goal remains the same – I’ve got a movie to do, and I need to look good when I do it, and having a big flabby belly doesn’t work very well on screen 🙂 I also need to be able to look respectable for meetings (which, well, seem to happen at completely random times these days) and new customers for video / web / consulting projects.

So I have a whole protocol worked out for that sort of thing. I keep one brush in the house (I’ve become pretty anal about that – my brush MUST be a boar bristle brush. After buying my first one, anything else is unacceptable), and I keep a second one in the car. Since I work construction, the boar bristle is thin enough to work really well with my hair, but also is thin enough that it cleans all the dust out of my hair with just a quick run through. I wear two black mock turtle necks all the time on the job site (originally inspired by the fact is FUCKING COLD in there without heat!) If I need to go some where, then I strip off the outer shirt, and run a brush through my hair. With the exception of my shoes, I look pretty presentable then. Minimal effort to look good 🙂

I do normally keep a second set of clothes in the car, but rarely use ’em (in fact, I pulled them out of the car to wear to go out to Meredith’s birthday supper) It’s just more convenient the other way.

I remember a friend of mine once saying (when explaining why he moved from a kooshie sales job to a field automation job) “I don’t want to grow up to be a fat balding saleman. So I switched jobs.” Well, I don’t want to grow up to be a fat, old, slovenly bald guy. I can’t change old, I can’t change bald (well, I could I suppose), but slovenly and fat? THAT I can change, and so far it looks like it’s working.

Now I’m interested to see what I look like in, oh, two months or so. I’m looking forward to it 🙂


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