Looks like I’m still alergic to sunlight. I thought towards the end of last year’s sunny season things were gettin’ better. I get this nasty ol’ bumps that itch and are mildly painful if itches for more than a second. They will form and disapate over the next two weeks – and once that time is up, they abruptly disappear.
But the mystery may be a bit deeper than I originally expected. As usual I keep tabs on incidents and coincidences concerning stuff like this. I don’t think I got it at all this last Winter – but I spent many hours working on the Lincoln and the truck at times, so I was exposed.
Heabo and I too Jess and Liam to supper with us last night after working on the house (it was a thank you for helpin’ us.) I went to the restroom, and discovered my face had broken out suddenly with the sun marks, and I had a couple on my arms. About 20 minutes later, I had a alergy attack. Jess pointed out that she believed she’s seen a corilation between the alergy attacks before and the appearance of my ‘spots’. Hmmm…. if that is the case, then there’s definitely something of an even deeper mystery goin’ on. Very odd. Why can’t I have NORMAL alergies, not stuff like used motor oil, fresh cut grass, and sunlight?
More stuff later – doin’ a couple o’ things

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