Money money money…

Like sands though the hour glass, these are my paychecks…

Wow. This years garden(s) and lawn, etc. has gotten REALLY expensive. Looks like right now it’s going to top out at $800 grand total. Wow. Of course, most of that is perennials, so it’s not like we have to spend nearly as much next year, and of course tools are reusable over and over. But still, that’s a whole honkin’ lot of money!

It all goes on credit cards, and gets paid off over the next couple o’ months, so it’s not like we paid it all in one big block. And lord knows we got enough of them! 😉 In my wallet I’ve got 7 credit cards and two debit cards. Ya know, for a guy who actually hates credit cards, I sure got a lot of ’em! Part of them don’t have anything on them – Heabo paid off three of them this month so far. So I’m not too worried about going into serious credit card debt.

Next year, the veggie garden will cost $40 (little more expensive this year – about $70 total, not counting the tiller 😉 and probably another $50 for the front gardens. Much more reasonable 🙂

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