Sometimes, it’s not about the food, it’s the people

It’s not often you leave a restraunt with a conversation like this:

“See ya, goat fucker.”
“Later, Gallager!”

And not have a fist fight break out.  But that’s what eating at Bomber Burger is like quite often – random people you don’t really know get involved in every conversation.  You pretty much want to NOT be the one that stands out in a crowd there though – the Burger Nazi will quickly verbally attack you.  But in that friendly, “everyone is friends here so shut the fuck up and eat the rest of your burger you pussy sort of way.”   And the food is good too 🙂

It’s just one of those interesting things – you can be a regular at Applebee’s, but you won’t end up being part of the crowd there really.  (Yeah, and the Gallahger part?  Well… I was wearing one of my funky hats, and my hair was all frizzy.  Give me a sledge hammer, a watermellon, and a sheet of plastic, and yeah I could have done a pretty good impression of ’em.  Ug.  I really have to start looking a little more “cleaned up” when I’m working on R & S).

The last week has been oddly stressful.  Too many things just haven’t gone right – but, it’s amazing how much going out and getting a good book (“Going Postal” by Terry Pratchett in this case) and curling up for just one night with a book can set things right.  Typically my escapism comes in the form of playing World of Warcraft.  But I just had to break out of the routine for a while, and do something different.  I definitely feel a lot better now 🙂

One of my missions for last weekend that ended up being very unsuccessful was searching for an old high school friend of mine, Tammy.  Bummer – for some reason I had the impulse to look her up and see what she’s doing these days – oddly enough, she had done the same thing to me about, oh, 2 or 3 years ago and for some dumb reason I didn’t hold up my end up communication, so I have no idea where she is these days.  Eh – guess our paths will cross again sometime or other.

Finally managed to put together another episode of the TV show this week too – it’s been hellish trying to get an episode put together without a co-host.  Trying to get a guest to stick to a schedule sucks, and (unbelieveably) I over slept for one attempt at an episode with a guest co-host.  OOOPS!  Tomarrow I’m meeting with some gal that the director found that is looking to be my new co-host.  COOL.  This would get the show back on track (so we aren’t having to run re-runs – er, excuse me, that’s called an Encore Presentation – and can get new one out on a consistent basis again).  Mmmmm – that would be nice 🙂

Now, you might wonder (or you may have never wondered until I just brought it up) what exactly does an “Executive Producer” do on a TV show.  I mean, the actors (or “Talent”) has to get in front of the camera, and the director shoots the show, and the writers write the show…  that that means the Executive Producer must just be some sort of idea guy?

Wrong.  He’s the guy who’s brain ends up dribbling out of his ears trying to make sure everything goes right.  For instance – one of the things I had going on was a guest co-host that was supposed to do two episodes coming in from Oklahoma.  Had discussed it with him a month out to get it scheduled.  A week and a half out, I called him to remind him.   Just less than a week out from shooting two episodes with him, he cancels.  ARGH!  Suddenly, after telling people new content was on the way,  got nothing.  My normal co-host is out, my backup co-host can’t do the show anymore (both of them are for pretty valid reasons), and I’ve got nothing.

So, I did a literal one man show.  Probably the second most painful episode I’ve done yet (the first most painful was, well, the first episode).  I may be egotistical as hell, but I also don’t think just me looking at the camera for half an hour looks very good or sounds very intelligent.  Enter the “magician” of television – while the Director shoots it, and the Executive Producer figures out what’s actually going to be going on screen, the editor is the real magic.  After I was done editing, it went from “OMG this sucks!” to “Hey, this is actually a pretty good episode!”  Of course, it took me three days to edit it, and add all of the b roll footage (background stuff, shots of other stuff, anything that wasn’t what the director and camera people initally shot and get’s put over top of the initally shot stuff.)  Not exactly fast turn around like normal, but it was pretty workable when it was done. 

Yeah, the whole idea of dating?  Yeah, that’s pretty much sucked lately.  I’ve talked to a couple of people online, and well… nothing has ever followed through from any of those online discussions.  Suckage.  Would be nice to get out and about and see a movie with someone, but, it’s not to be anytime soon it appears.  Oh well – it’s not a huge focus in my life at the moment, so it’s not that big of a deal.  Though, since I’ve tried a membership (free) to one of the online dating sites that cost, I may start going through and joining a different pay one each month, and posting a review of it (I’ve seen some review sites for online dating sites – and something you’ll notice is that most of them are biased, since they are being PAID PER CLICK kickbacks from the dating sites they recommend.  Sometimes, I completely hate the ‘Net, since so many people like to do crap like that.)

Till next time…

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