Ah, the fun of life…

Sometimes interesting things happen that just kind of throw you off on the schedule you’ve set for yourself.  Case in point – this weekend, I should have had money.  Not tons, but, hey it’s just the beginning of my slow rebuilding process.  I’m building, in this case, a resteraunt for a friend who needed a hand.  He couldn’t pay much, but, I took the work based on the fact that I need the work and he needs the help.

It’s hourly, and of course plan out my weekend based on how much I’m getting paid.  Payday comes and… nada.  I’m still broke – he couldn’t pay me at the moment.  Under normal circumstances, any contract job like this I’d tell someone to take a hike if they didn’t pay up.  In this case, since it’s work for a friend, I just grumbled about needing to get paid, and took the day off today :-)   Tomarrow I’ll be back at it, of course – there’s a lot of work to be done.  And I know he’ll have money again in a couple o’ days, so it’s no biggie – just throws my plans out of whack.

This particular project is kind of cool – I’m building R & S BBQ.  For onyone who hadn’t been to the original R&S BBQ, that’s nothing impressive – yet another BBQ place.  Those who have been there on the other hand, I get some really excited reactions when I tell them that the guy I’m building it for bought the original recipes too, and they start telling me all about how good it was, etc.

Yeah, no pressure.  For some people R&S is almost legendary – and so any work I do has to be up to par.  Luckly, my job is construction & managing construction (though I’m not the General Contractor on the project – technically, I’m a grunt :-), not making BBQ.

Tonight I get to run off and join the KTQW Christmas party – free food is always a good thing, and there’s some nice people there.  Of course, it’s going to be boring as hell at the same time :-)  And tomarrow night I’m doing a little volunteer work for them – I’m going to be shooting a basketball game with their camera crew and all that.  It’s volunteer so it doesn’t pay anything, but I’ve never gotten to work with a team on a TV shoot before as a camera person, so it’s cool extra experience.  As it stands now I’ve been Executive Producer, Host, and Editor for a show before.  My goal is to know all the areas (not nessisarily be an expert) – that will help me understand the role of each task in a project.  (Since, well, I want to do more TV projects in the future.  I’ve got some ideas… and that should be enough to scare ya right there 😉

I’m hoping to get paid this week.  I really really really need to get out and do something – see a movie, whatever – even if I’m just out running around by myself and doing it.  I’ve been cooped up for way too long now, something that slowly makes me grumpy.  Since I have room mates, that’s not a good thing 🙂

One of my room mates, btw, has now found my MySpace page :-)  Hi Erin!

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