That’s Reverend Asshole to you….

I’m now an ordained minister. How’s that for an odd life twist? Even odder is the fact that I’ll actually use that to legally marry someone (in particular, Heabo and I both will be doing the job – we’re both Ministers of the Universal Life Church.) Monday we’ll set up with the Probate Court to be legal to perform ceremonies here in Kansas.

The “That’s Reverend Asshole to you” is probably going to be my new catch phrase for anyone who calls me an asshole. Which happens just about as often as anyone who knows me might expect. Got called one Saturday night by Greg – actually, more than called an Asshole, I was INTRODUCED as an asshole to Greg’s new girlfriend. I think that was the only time that night she looked completly confused, because I just smiled and said ‘Yep’.

Not looking forward to work tomarrow. Got to many things I wanna get done at home yet, and too much stuff I’d like to dive into for the next game. Oh, and the next game – well, THAT is gonna be interesting. I’m doing a First Person Shooter, like Quake and Unreal. Except for totally different – it’s toon based. I’ll be passin’ on more information as I get some work done on it – it will be VERY unique. Plus it’s a good way to get used to the Torque engine, and 3D content development (the later I’ve already worked with quite a bit in Unreal Tournament, Unreal, and Quake II. I used to develop my own levels. Never released them to the general public, but, they were a ton of fun.)

Went out to supper with Jess and Dave, and then went for a ride in the car, just Heabo and I. Cruzed around the city for about 3 hours or so, and chatted about a little of everything. Changed some plans for the cottage we are planning when we get the land out in the country. A pretty good night in my opinion.


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