This day sucks…

You know you went to bed pissed off when yo wake up, and you jaw and teeth hurt. Takes a while, but ya realize that’s because you clenched your teeth so hard when you slept. Sheesh.

I’m partially awake now, trying to figure out why I’m so damned pissed off and all that shit. Tried to work on my armor earlier, and I’m slowly coming to the conlusion that not only am I going to not get my armor done anytime soon, it’s time to fucking just give up on the whole SCA thing. It’s yet another hobby I’d love to have the time for, but, don’t, just like anything else I’d like to do anymore. Not enough hours in the day, and too much to get done. If I’m not struggling to get it done, then it’s not yet another thing to have to fight for time with. I don’t have my own weapons, so I have to borrow those. I don’t have gauntlets (and can’t afford to spend money on a set), so I have to borrow those. My elbows are barely legal, so half the time I borrow a set of those.

I’ll contemplate if for a few days. If I don’t change my mind, I’ll email the Baron and tell him I’m not bringing the catapult or myself, and tell Nick and Clayton not to show up Sunday to build the new catapult (Another 3 to 4 hours of a day to waste.)

Hell, I haven’t even managed to get my damned garden done yet. SIGH.

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